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House Proceeding 07-30-08 on Jul 30th, 2008 :: 2:47:13 to 2:52:06
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Kevin McCarthy

2:45:54 to 2:47:13( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

2:46:52 to 2:47:13( Edit History Discussion )

Kevin McCarthy: thi nk we need to take a alook at other ways of providing energy. and that's we went one this trip to anwr. i want to give one more example and that is from one particular family. the anderson

Steve Israel

2:47:13 to 2:47:30( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: family from nevada.a and they came out here. they have a couple of children and they wanted to show theihr children washington, d.c. and i was fortunate to have theom come by my office. and

Steve Israel

2:47:13 to 2:52:06( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve Israel

Steve Israel

2:47:30 to 2:47:45( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: i believe hei is as departmental technician and she's a nurse and a child who plays volleyball andol they are talking about how dif ficult it i is for them to provide toand the he problems

Steve Israel

2:47:45 to 2:47:59( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: they're facing now with these high fuel f prices. they are very good athletes and want to go to all their events and it gets more and more diffi cult. to tell you how difficult it'slt getting,

Steve Israel

2:47:59 to 2:48:16( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: in m y home statee, the t price of fuel prices for s airlines, they are cuttingt 10% of their flights. we are one of five states they are going to e cut 10% of their ir flights intof nevada.n

Steve Israel

2:48:16 to 2:48:29( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: on a state that relies on tourism and traffic, you can imagine the impact. it's not tthe lack of 10%1 flightsgh coming in, but 10% flight going out. i think the airline irndustry annou nced

Steve Israel

2:48:29 to 2:48:42( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: that the exttra bag is not going to be $25 but $25 on o top of that for a total of $50 to compensate for the huge costs. i want to banter back and forth t more and talk about our trip to

Steve Israel

2:48:42 to 2:48:53( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: ap war and talk aboutlk our experiences in golden, colorado. i think theyi were great. i want to give others a c ahance to int roduce themselvehs. and thank you for the opportunity to be here

Steve Israel

2:48:53 to 2:49:02( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: and i yield back to you. mr. mccarthy: irt thank the gentleman from nevada for the leadership he continues to show o and this work wed are trying to do called energy. tonight, w hen we went

Steve Israel

2:49:02 to 2:49:17( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: up to anwr, one of the things ii found mo st interesting when we talk about is how you can do it environmentally friendly. one thing they showed whewen we were up in alaska that in the

Steve Israel

2:49:17 to 2:49:34( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: 1970's, it took them 20 acres and they would go down one mile. 1980's, it took them 16 acres. you think about technology and the greatest way for america to understand technology, think

Steve Israel

2:49:34 to 2:49:47( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: about a cell phone. it came in a bag about the size of a brick. and today it's very little. it has more technology in the cell phone today than it had in the apollo. you expand that technology,

Steve Israel

2:49:47 to 2:49:57( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: today, present, it takes only six acres. your footprint is much smaller. what they're able to do when n they drill down to go out eight miles across. what does that mean to the american

Steve Israel

2:49:57 to 2:50:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: people? we are able to explore much further and do it in an environmentally sound way and have a much smaller footprint and actually have fewer wells to drill. there is a plan to go forward. it allows exploration,

Steve Israel

2:50:10 to 2:50:23( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: wind and solar that the democratic-controlled congress will not even allow it tocome up on the floor. this is becoming a no-drill congress. the american people continue to suffer. and tonight,

Steve Israel

2:50:23 to 2:50:36( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: we wanted to hear from our good friend from ohio, jim jordan. i yield to my friend from ohio. mr. jordan: i thank the gentleman for putting this hour together. when we were up inu alaska to

Steve Israel

2:50:36 to 2:50:47( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: see -- you knowyo, the thing i just feel so stronglyn about is americans realize we live in the grtest country ever, but they are frustrated. they are frustrated by the facth that this congress

Steve Israel

2:50:47 to 2:50:57( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: -- if you saw the news yesterdaye --- this congress has run the largest deficit in history. they are frustrated that this congress won 't act on increasing the supply of energy, won't act

Steve Israel

2:50:57 to 2:51:07( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: on drilling more offshore, drilling more in alaska, won't act on bringing down the price at the pump, bringing down the price of energy, won't act on those things that are necessary to help

Steve Israel

2:51:07 to 2:51:17( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: every s hingle family across this country. a few months ago in our district, we had the opportunity to be in one of our federal judge's courtroom for the ceremon y where new americans take

Steve Israel

2:51:17 to 2:51:30( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: the oath of citizenship. and i don't know if you ever had a chance to participate in thosein ceremonies, but when you get the opportunity, it is an emotional experience to wratch these -- in my case,

Steve Israel

2:51:30 to 2:51:43( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: it was 36 new americans, raise their nds, take the oath and becomee an american citizen. and when they completed thated oath , the smile on their face when they now realized they wereer a citizen

Steve Israel

2:51:43 to 2:51:55( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: of the greaftest country in the world. it's special to se se. and frankly, those americans, those new amerinecans, as all americans, deserve better from their congress. the idea that we're going

Steve Israel

2:51:55 to 2:52:06( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Israel: to leave here without taking an up or down vote on drilling offshore or drilling on anwr is just wrong. one of the things that the gentleman from california has pointed out in somine

James Jordan

2:52:06 to 2:52:24( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: of his comments and remarks, when we were in alaska, i will be frank with you, if ever there w tas a place we should be producing oil it' s in anwr. alaska is a beautiful state, except in anwr.

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