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House Proceeding 07-30-09 on Jul 30th, 2009 :: 1:13:45 to 1:20:50
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Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: mr. becerra of california. mr. spratt of south carolina. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from new york, mr. rangel, is recognized for 30

Charles B. Rangel

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Speech By: Charles B. Rangel

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: minutes. mr. rangel: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. rangel: first let me thank congresswoman woolsey and congressman ellison for sharing this -- their hour with us on ways and means.

Charles B. Rangel

1:14:17 to 1:14:37( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: we have been blessed in having such dedicated members of our committee c support of h.r. 3200, varying from bill, dynamic john lewis, we had dr. mcdermott who spent so much of his life on this very

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: sensitive subject. soon we'll be hearing from congresswoman schwartz and you may have noticed that our discussion has been on a subject that the whole world has wrestled with and certain the united states. that is the health insurance for americans.

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: tomorrow night we hope to be able to go back to our congressional districts to discuss this very serious and complex subject. a subject that many presidents have looked at and hoped that we could provide some decent way take care of american citizens.

Charles B. Rangel

1:15:20 to 1:15:41( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: but we do believe this courageous president has not only talked about the problem but brought together the stakeholders, the doctors, the insurers, the nurses, the hospitals, the unions, the private sector, the businesspeople all coming together to see how they

Charles B. Rangel

1:15:42 to 1:16:02( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: collectively would be in the position to tackle this problem once and for all. they even went as far as to suggest that we could over 10 years save $2 trilon and stop the hemorrhaging of the cost of health insurance by working together, republicans and

Charles B. Rangel

1:16:03 to 1:16:23( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: democrats. i say that notwithstanding the fact that it appears as though the public debate has this republicans fighting against democrats. the fact is you can't fight against anybody's ideas. if youon't have any of your own. as tragic and unfortunate that

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: during the next month it will appear as though the republicans are just attacking us because they don't have this serious problem on their own. having said that we intend to move on. the ways and means committee as you have heard has passed out a

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: bill that we are so proud to present that. we have two other committees that have jurisdiction, the education and labor committee. they have passed out their bill. and we do hope that tomorrow we have every reason to believe that the energy and commerce committee will be passing out their bill. that means that the house would

Charles B. Rangel

1:17:06 to 1:17:26( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: have completed its work. the three committees would have one bill and that in september when we come back and blend these bills and merge these bills, we will be able to have a bill that we will be able to go into conference with the senate, as they wrestle with two pieces

Charles B. Rangel

1:17:27 to 1:17:48( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: then we hope in september or certainly soon thereafter, we would be able to present to the president of the united states a bill that tackles this very, very serious problem. this problem really everybody listening and everybody in this house of representatives have had some horror stories, some

Charles B. Rangel

1:17:49 to 1:18:09( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: story about what has happened with the insurance that they thought they had, the insurance that they lost, cost that is have just soared, or even people who can't even think about leaving their jobs for fear that they would lose their insurance. it shouldn't be in this great country of ours that people have

Charles B. Rangel

1:18:10 to 1:18:31( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: to worry about education health care as we try to compete with peopl throughout the world. it should be in this country that the least thing that you have to worry about if you are sick is how you're going to pay for it. and in industrialized and wealthy as we are, we shouldn't be included

Charles B. Rangel

1:18:32 to 1:18:52( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: among a handful of country that don't take care of its people's heal. so in this bill we provide health care for some people. believe me we are providing the insurance, but they are getting one way or the other they are it's not the best health care. sometimes they are afraid to go into the emergency rooms.

Charles B. Rangel

1:18:53 to 1:19:13( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: sometimes they can't afford to talk to doctors. sometimes they end up worse in terms of have if they did have some insurance, but nevertheless the state governments, city governments, federal governments pay for it and you pay for it, too. that's a part of the reason why your insurance premiums are

Charles B. Rangel

1:19:14 to 1:19:35( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: going up, because the hospitals are going to charge those that have insurance for it. the insurance companies are not getting paid, they are going to charge you for it. and ultimately you're going find out that this fiscal price that our nation -- crisis our nation has is going to be hemorrhaged more by sharp increases in health care. so it's not just a moral

Charles B. Rangel

1:19:36 to 1:19:59( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: problem, it's not just a health problem, it's a national interest problem in terms of the direction which this great country of ours is going. . but just imane the relief all of us will have knowing that if we do get sick, the insurance company will not come and tell you that you're not covered.

Charles B. Rangel

1:20:00 to 1:20:23( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: just imagine if you want to get insurance at any pre-existing illness will not prevent y from getting insurance. just imagine if you want to leave your job, you don't have to look at your insurance policy to see whether ot you're going to lose that and not be able to get another one. so this is really just the beginning. this month of august is going to

Charles B. Rangel

1:20:24 to 1:20:45( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: be america's month, a month to analyze what it means to you, how can it protect your health and protect our country against illnesses that we hope we never have, but sometimes when are hit, people have lost their homes, their bank accounts and ended up in dire financial need because they

Charles B. Rangel

1:20:46 to 1:20:51( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: couldn't afford. so tonight we hope to share with you some of our thoughts.

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