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House Proceeding 07-30-09 on Jul 30th, 2009 :: 1:20:55 to 1:29:15
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Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: and i like at this moment to yield to one of the dynamic member member of our committee, ms. schwartz. she has worked in this area before she got to congress and while she has been in congress and made important contributions to the ways and means committee and i yield to her such time as

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Speech By: Allyson Y. Schwartz

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:21:15 to 1:21:35( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: she may consume. ms. schwartz: it has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the ways and means committee. i knew it would always be interesting and always doing important work and the principal work we do in congress, i don't

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:21:36 to 1:21:57( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: think i could have anticipated to have worked on major facing this country. there are few issues as important as the health care of americans. and i think we have seen it in the ways and means committee under your guidance and leadership, the fact that people bring their own experiences in health care.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: each and every one of us have our own experiences, both good and bad. we bring the concerns of our constituents. and i think our hopes and dreams for our country and how great it can be, under your leadership and our watch to participate in finding a uniquely american solution to health care,

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: affordable, meaningful health care for all americans. it is an attainable goal and big goal and one that the president set out when he ran for president. he set out to us both in the committee and congress to say, now is the time to do this. i think each and every one of us could share stories that we hear

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:22:40 to 1:23:01( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: from our constituents. i'll tell just one if i may. i have some statistics about the number of the people of pennsylvania who don't have health insurance, but it's important to bring it down to a personal story. i visited one of those colleges in my district, penn state. it is well known.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: we have a satellite campus in my district. and i met with a group of students who wanted to talk about health care. a young woman talked about the fact that she was raised by a single mother and was on chip. i think all of us are proud of the children's health insurance program and she said her mother

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: made $25,000 a year, no way she could get health insurance through her work. so she got chip and grateful that her kids had health insurance. this young woman was over 21 and no longer had access to chip but working full-time and full-time stupid and because of the commuter campus, they don't require or offer a way for

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: students to buy health insurance. she loed for it and it was unaffordable. she tried to find an affordable health policy and couldn't find one. and a short while before she had gotten sick and she said she was sick enough to go to the emergency room and ended up with

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:24:07 to 1:24:27( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: a $7,000 bill. i don't know if she was held overnight. we didn't get into the details of the care she received. she was healthy and doing fine. but $7,000 in a bill. and had no idea how she was going to pay the $7,000 and stay in school and continue on her

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:24:28 to 1:24:48( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: path and the promising future ahead of her. all these things that were consequences and yet she said to me, well, how can we be in this great country and not be able to help her out. and i think that's what we hear.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: it is for the 50 million amerans without health coverage. many millions of americans who have health care, you find they go to hospitals and find ou that they have a pre-existing condition and not able to fd the coverage, even though they have health insurance. and this is why we're here.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:25:10 to 1:25:31( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: we hear from small business people as well, who say i want to provide health insurance and i can't afford it, or i provide it but one of our employees has a serious illness and saw a 40% rate increase from one year to the next. we talk about double-digit inflation.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:25:32 to 1:25:53( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: in the last eight years we have seen health premiums double in price. double in price. and we are concerned abouthe federal government as well. we have deep concern about maintaining our commitment to seniors in this country in medicare. imagine our seniors not having access to health care. this is something we did 35

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:25:54 to 1:26:14( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: years ago to get medicare coverage for all seniors. we see the unsustainable growth in costs. what are we going too about it? we have a bill before us. we have passed it of ways and means and as we speak, the energy and commerce committee is going through the bill. what it does is address the

Allyson Y. Schwartz

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Allyson Y. Schwartz: issues and concerns and realities of the families i talked about. it finds aay to bring down the costs under medicare by really instilling in our system a goal of quality and value, encouraging primary care, of the bill that i want to thank the chairman for and his staff

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:26:37 to 1:26:58( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: and other members for really including in this bill, increased opportunity for loan forgiveness and debt and increased reimbursements in primary care. a new category of medical homes so if a primary care physician or nurse practitioner wants to be able to provide ongoing care

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:26:59 to 1:27:21( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: between visits, make that phone call to see how somebody is doing, make sure they get the kind of care they need, make sure they followed up on their prescriptions and they are following the instructions that they understand the diet and the exercise that they have to engage in so they don't end up on renal dyalisis years lateror

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:27:22 to 1:27:44( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: sight if gone untreated. di we encourage payments that are bundled that say -- says we are going to look after you when you go home. physicians to provide primary care and specialty care and keep people out of the hospital.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:27:45 to 1:28:05( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: these are all lifesaving and cost saving. almost half a trillion dollars in savings in the bill before us. and we have sound ways to help small businesses with tax credits, to be able to provide coverage to the employees and encourage all employers to cover health care.

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:28:06 to 1:28:26( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: and for the gupe that is already insured, to -- group that is already insured, you aren't go to go have pre-existing exclusions or worry about the insurance companies finding a reason to deny coverage because of a health condition or don't have to worry about going bankrupt. you don't have to pay any more

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:28:27 to 1:28:47( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: than 10% or 12% of your salary or lose your home or go bankrupt over health costs. these are just some of the consumer protections for people who already have insurance. and if you lose your job or between jobs and many americans

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:28:48 to 1:29:08( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: change jobs, if -- you will have that continuity of coverage. and we are going to find a way to help all those 50 million americans who don't have access to affordable coverage through an exchange and sent them a benefits package and provide subsidies for lower income working folks and we will do

Allyson Y. Schwartz

1:29:09 to 1:29:16( Edit History Discussion )

Allyson Y. Schwartz: what the president has told us what he wants us to do, to contain costs for government, businesses and families and make

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