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3:26:03 to 3:26:24( Edit History Discussion )

with the gentleman. if he wants to work in good faith, that will be my commitment to him. it but it ought to be on a carefully thought out process, weighing not only the pluses but the minuses

Lee Terry

3:26:24 to 3:26:39( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: where he would take that money from. that's the right way t'so handle the american taxpayers' dollars. and i would say, mr. chairman, irm make a point of orakder -- >> would the chairman yield? m

Lee Terry

3:26:24 to 3:30:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lee Terry

Lee Terry

3:26:39 to 3:26:52( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: r. wamp: i want to complimentim you on your statement andou again, we are bipartisan partnpaers here, but had we not had theot preprinting requirement that was talked about earlier, the modification of

Lee Terry

3:26:52 to 3:27:04( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: amendments or o amounts on the floor is part of s the way that the appropriation e process works. we do have a great bill. g but the neat thing about appropriations is when you bring ri a

Lee Terry

3:27:04 to 3:27:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: great bill to the floor, the members of the house, all of of them, do have the ability to make changes or make improvements or make stsuggestions and frankly, that isd what the gen tleman

Lee Terry

3:27:21 to 3:27:32( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: is trying to do. so i want to make that pointot and say it's not late. we can start talking c about how llate it is, but this bill has been ready for the floor fdyor 35 days. we're not late tonight.

Lee Terry

3:27:32 to 3:27:47( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: we've got plenty of time to debate these things. t so i don't want to -- especially these gentleman, chairman and ranking member from the veterans affairs committee, that's the ha nature of the appropriations

Lee Terry

3:27:47 to 3:28:00( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: process. it is an open process. we do have a great bill. i don't think it's a perfect bill, not subject to amendment by the members of the house. and i yield back. mr. edwards: let me point out

Lee Terry

3:28:00 to 3:28:17( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: that the rules committee allowed any member to offer any amendment to this bill wenith the reques t that it be present p rinted in the public record so organizations can see what the amendments

Lee Terry

3:28:17 to 3:28:31( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: would be, this time t of confusion is why that was a smart rule to require that kind of preprinting. i yield to the the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. obey: i would never apologize for having

Lee Terry

3:28:31 to 3:28:47( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: a rule which requires all members of the house to be way ahead of time what amendments t whey will be asked to cons ider. it seems to me that the proper time to raise the questions raised

Lee Terry

3:28:47 to 3:29:00( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: b y the gentleman who em seeks to offer the amendment is nt before the bill ever hits the floor. it seems to me that sthe authorizing committee or any member thereof has any ideas, that the best

Lee Terry

3:29:00 to 3:29:16( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: way to work in a wa legislative body is to talk to people ahead of time about it so we don't hav e to make thesees horseback halfbaked judgments atba 10:30 in the evening. >> would the gentleman yield?en

Lee Terry

3:29:16 to 3:29:33( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: the chairman: th e gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. edwards: i make a point of order because it makes an appropriation against an ag unauthorized program.

Lee Terry

3:29:33 to 3:29:48( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: clause 2 of rule 21 states in pertinent parpet, an appropriation may not be an order as an de amendment for an expenditure notre previously authorized by law. b mr. chairman, the amendment th

Lee Terry

3:29:48 to 3:30:02( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: proposes prto appropriate funds for a program that is not authorized. the amendment, therefore, violates clause 2 of rule 21. and i ask for a ruling from the chair. the chairman: does ae nyone wish

Lee Terry

3:30:02 to 3:30:20( Edit History Discussion )

Lee Terry: to be heard on this point of order? mr. buyer: i would like to speake to the point of order. nt the chairma n: the gentleman is recognized. mr. buyer: it's sad that it would be kicked out.

Chet Edwards

3:30:20 to 3:31:00( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: let me go to the point of order. p the amendment refers to section title 38 u.s. code section 8103, provides v.a. the authority to or construct, quote construct, end quote, and quote, alter, end

Chet Edwards

3:30:20 to 3:32:18( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Chet Edwards

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