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James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: who have given a child dng in afghanistan and iraq and god please, god please, god please continue to bless america. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mr. mcgovern of massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: permission to revise and the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. mcgovern: i rise to express my strong concern over u.s. policy in afghanistan.

James P. McGovern

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Speech By: James P. McGovern

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: i worry that we are getting sucked deeper and deeper into a war with no end. our mission continues to grow and grow with no clear sense of where we are going. it has been eight long years. we have lost too many brave men and women billions and billions of dollars. the government of afghanistan

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: led by president karzai is incompetent and corrupt. alliances with war lords and drug lords who have no interest in a better afghanistan. his military is not reliable and his police are a mess. by all accounts, forces close to mr. karzai stuffed ballot boxes in the most recent elections.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: madam speaker, if this fraud had occurred in any other country in the world, the condemnations from congress and the administration would be loud and forceful. after all the sacrifices our troops have made, after all the financial and development assistance, after all the training and military aid, is this the best we can expect? don't we deserve better?

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: don't the afghan people deserve better? at a v insist that any aid be contingent on a responsible afghan government. without that, then all our investments and good intentions can achieve very little that is sustainable. the united states has an incredible and assembled in afghanistan. i had the pleasure of meeting

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: them during a brief visit to the country over the recess. both the military and state department personnel are impressive. i only wish they were in place eight years ago. but even a brilliant team can't make up for the inadequacies of the currt afghan government. our troops are exceptional. i ate dinner with them.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: i'm in awe of their courage, commitment and patriotism. worthy of their sacrifice. everyone, madam speaker, from the president on down, agrees that a political solution is the only path for a successful, stable afghanistan. during consideration department of defense authorization bill a few months

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: ago, i along with my colleague, walter jones, offered an amendment that would have simply required the secretary of defense to report to congress by the end of the year what our exit strategy for afghanistan was. we are not asking for a date certain. we are not advocating an immediate withdr wanted an answer to this fundamental questio, at what point has our military

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: contribution to the political solution in afghanistan come to an end so we can bring our troops home? i don't believe that the united states should enter into a war without a clearly defined mission and that means a mission with a beginning, a middle, a transition period and an end. without that definition and

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: drift from year to year from administration to administration. madam speaker, we need an exit strategy for afghanistan. i believe sending thousands more troops into afghanistan has some in the administration appear to be urging is a mistake. an escalation of military forces

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: would create the impression of occupation. and last sunday's "new york times," a columnist cites a statement by many former u.s. intelligence officials warning the greater the opposition. i ask unanimous consent that his article appear in the record at the conclusion of my statement. the sp

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: objection. mr. mcgovern: imnot suggesting that we walk away from afghanistan. we along with the international community should help with development aid, investments in education and school feeding, training of their police and military and strengthening their civilian institutions. i understand the threat from al qaeda. i still strongly believe we

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: should hold those responsible for september 11 accountable. and we should be commit todd defeating them. i voted for the authorization to use military force after the terrorists' attacks. but madam sp more a problem in pakistan than in afghanistan. and those who justify our military presence in afghanistan

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: as a way to prevent al qaeda from ever coming back and establishing a safe haven, i would ask, are we going to send more troops to somalia and sudan an provided safe havens for al qaeda in the past? ere are no easy answers in afghanistan. it ace complicated place from its people to its geography.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: i don't have all the answers, but i do feel deeply that

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