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House Proceeding 09-08-09 on Sep 8th, 2009 :: 1:21:50 to 1:27:55
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Chet Edwards

1:21:47 to 1:22:08( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: "the andy griffith show." at this time i'd like to yie to chet edwards to texas for the time he mr. edwards: madam speaker, i consider myself blessed of knowing congressman bill hefner. was a good, decent and caring person. and i will miss him dearly. while this man of faith has

Chet Edwards

1:21:50 to 1:27:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Chet Edwards

Chet Edwards

1:22:09 to 1:22:29( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: gone on to a better place now, his work here on earth will continue to enrich the lives of millions of american citizens. there are untold thousands of our troops and families who are living in bert housing today because -- better housi because bill hefner w champion. he not only worked hard for his

Chet Edwards

1:22:30 to 1:22:51( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: beloved fort bragg, north carolina, he fought for a better quality of life r service mn and women and their milies wherever they might live in the world. as chairman of the house appropriations subcommittee on military construction, chairman hefner saw to it that the service and sacrifice of our troops would be honored in a meaningful way.

Chet Edwards

1:22:52 to 1:23:13( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: while members of congress sometimes take ourselves too seriously, bill hefner was a voice of self-deprecating humor and humility. he took his work seriously but never himself too seriously. . in doing so he helped us keep our proper perspective on

Chet Edwards

1:23:14 to 1:23:36( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: ourselves and our work here. he wo take a perfectly safe democratic seat in north carolina and turn it into a marginal one. that was a reflection of his humor and his humility because the truth was that any political challenges that bill hefner might have ever faced were

Chet Edwards

1:23:37 to 1:23:58( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: because he was a person of courage. as mr. obey pointed out, in 1981 he was one of the very few southern democrats who voted against the popular rean tax cuts because he felt they would lead to large federal deficits. and ultimately undermine programs important to everyday working americans.

Chet Edwards

1:23:59 to 1:24:20( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: as long as i knew him he always did what he thought was right for his district and for our great country. and for average working families. in an age of speci interests, bill hefner's cause was to fight for the interests of everyday hardworking families. the kind of people who fight our

Chet Edwards

1:24:21 to 1:24:42( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: fires, protect our streets, defend our shores, children and make our factories run. he believed to his core in the dignity of hardworking everyday american citizens. even after he retired from ngress bill would often call

Chet Edwards

1:24:43 to 1:25:03( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: me and he call concerned that the views of working americans were not being considered in washington, d.c. whether in office or out of office bill hefner lived his faith by always being his brother's keeper. bill hefr was a special

Chet Edwards

1:25:04 to 1:25:24( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: personal friend and a mentor to me. while i cannot fill his shoes or come close to it, i'm a better congressman and a better person for having known him and having learned from him. i cherish the many, many personal conversations we had right here on the floor, madam speaker.

Chet Edwards

1:25:25 to 1:25:46( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: and i will always be grateful to the very sage advice he gave me on a golf course one day when he and i happened to be partnered against then president clinton and the president's partner, when on the 15th hole and a very close match, the president had about a 3 1/2 foot putt, i was not going to give it president and chairman hefner

Chet Edwards

1:25:47 to 1:26:07( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: called me over, put me under his arm and said, son, let me just tell you something, right now we have this line item veto in existence in the military construction -- and the military construction bill is sitting on the president's bilfor signature and you represent forth hood. i gave the president his putt and the fort hood soldiers got

Chet Edwards

1:26:08 to 1:26:28( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: their barracks thanks to the sage advice of bill hefner. the moment of so many wonderful moments, but the moment i shall never forget was on june 4 of 1998 when bill hefner stood in this very same spot. we were debating an issue of the

Chet Edwards

1:26:29 to 1:26:51( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: school prayer constitutional amendment. and i, consistent with my belie in the principle of constitutional principle of church and state separation, was opposing the amendment. during that process i was personaly attacked -- personally attacked by one par faith-based group that claimed by not wanting to amend the first amendment to the

Chet Edwards

1:26:52 to 1:27:13( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: constitution i was somehow unamerican and even i was accused of being untexan. leave it to bill hefner, the man of the south, the gentleman from north carolina who sang gospel music his entire life, a man of deep faith, leave it to him to come to this very spot to stand up and defend the integrity of

Chet Edwards

1:27:14 to 1:27:34( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: his colleague who had been allenged. that was bill hefner. a man of deep, of deepest integrity. and that's why i will always revere him. and what he stood for. to stacy and shelly, his

Chet Edwards

1:27:35 to 1:27:55( Edit History Discussion )

Chet Edwards: daughters, and to nancy his widow, i would simply say that, if my two sons had every right to be half as proud of me as you have a right to beroud of your father and your husband, i would consider my life a success. may god forever keep our friend,

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