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John R. Carter

2:00:10 to 2:06:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John R. Carter

John R. Carter

2:00:14 to 2:00:34( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: minority leader. speaker, for recognizing me for this hour. for many weeks now, i've been coming to the floor with my colleagues to talk about something that i think is the glue that holds our republic together.

John R. Carter

2:00:35 to 2:00:56( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: that is the fact that the rule of law does and should prevail in this nation. by the rule of law, it means we have, we are able as a people to establish a set of rules. whether they be legal rules or ethical rules or rules of this house or rules of this nation,

John R. Carter

2:00:57 to 2:01:18( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: we agree to abide by those rules. and those rules, they cover every element of our life. the rule of contract. we don't violate criminal laws. we have laws that govern this house. we have rules that govern -- that govern this house. they're the glue that holds

John R. Carter

2:01:19 to 2:01:41( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: this society together. when we see the society having people who are -- people or events that cause the glue to weaken, i think it's our duty and responsibility as members of this house to step up and say, hey, this is out of control. this has got to stop. the rule of law has to prevail.

John R. Carter

2:01:42 to 2:02:02( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: we have rules, we have responsibilities to keep those rules. and we as a congress should hold each other to those rules. the congress of the united states, like many other bodies in this country, has a set of rules and we police ourselves

John R. Carter

2:02:03 to 2:02:23( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: up. we're not the only group of people that do this. the medical associations do it, the bar associations do it. they have within their own membership police up the activities of their own members. and the whole purpose is so that they can correct issues

John R. Carter

2:02:24 to 2:02:44( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: before they get out of hand and if something is out of hand, have the strength of their convictions, their association, that they will stand for what's right, even if it's difficult. and they'll do the right thing, even if it's difficult. and i've been raising issues on the floor of this house with

John R. Carter

2:02:45 to 2:03:07( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: the help of my colleagues now for about 10 weeks. and some of these issues, one in particular which i've had some amount of fun with, and actually i've done, i've created what's called the rangel rule to spotlight some issues that involve the chairman of the ways and means committee.

John R. Carter

2:03:08 to 2:03:28( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: but over this gust break, after talking about all the things that were not resolved by our present ethics commite concerning chairman rangel, more things have arisen which makes it so -- it raises the issue to such a level that just

John R. Carter

2:03:29 to 2:03:49( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: absolutely cannot be ignored anymore. and we have an ethics committee and the american people should demand that set up system where we police up this house, that we need to get behind the business of policing up this house. if it has to do with a member

John R. Carter

2:03:50 to 2:04:10( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: who, by his own admission has, either through error or intent, broken the rules of this house, then the ethics committee should not be deadlocked on political lines but should resolve this issue. and if it's not going to be done, then the leadership of this house should take control

John R. Carter

2:04:11 to 2:04:31( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: of this house, they were given by all the members of this house the speaker of the house was given the authority to be in charge of this house of representatives. and it's their job. it's the job she signed onto. it's the responsibility she took to make sure that this

John R. Carter

2:04:32 to 2:04:53( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: house runs by certain rules. and when blatantly issues come forward, until newspapers across this nation are crying out that some kind of justice needs to be done in an issue, if we're not going to do it, we're failing the very

John R. Carter

2:04:54 to 2:05:15( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: foundation of our republic. so tonight, i'm joined by my colleagues, maybe many of them here tonight, we're going to talk about some of these issues that involve our friend, and i say that, i want to say that specifically, i have no personal animosity whatsoever against mr. rangel. in fact, i will tell you he's been nothing but kind to me

John R. Carter

2:05:16 to 2:05:36( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: since i've bee i've tried to be kind back. but there is an issue that needs to be resolved. it should not be resolved just by saying, on the floor of this house, i'm sorry. it should be resolved by following the rules established by this house. that's what this is all about.

John R. Carter

2:05:37 to 2:05:57( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: it is not personally aimed at anyone. it is about this institution and the fact that the american people are more and more distrusting this congress for reasons st like the reason we're talking about tonight, that they see things that upset them, that uld upset them in their workplace if they were to have that happen.

John R. Carter

2:05:58 to 2:06:19( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: they say, why are not the people we sent to washington resolving this issue? what is wrong with those people? we need to ask those questions of ourselves. so i want to make it very clear, this is not this is about the rule of law and the responsibility of this house.

John R. Carter

2:06:20 to 2:06:21( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: i'm joined by my good friend,

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