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House Proceeding on Sep 9th, 2009 :: 2:49:10 to 2:53:55
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Peter T. King

2:49:07 to 2:49:27( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: because for me it's day of reflection, but i am proud that this congress is taking up this the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. engel: i urge my colleagues to support it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from california. mr. bilbray: mr. speaker, at this time i'd like to yield three minutes to the distinguished member from new york, the ranking member on homeland security, mr. king.

Peter T. King

2:49:10 to 2:53:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Peter T. King

Peter T. King

2:49:28 to 2:49:49( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. king: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i want to commend chairman towns and ranking member issa for bringing this bill to the floor. i want to thank congresswoman matsui for the tremendous work that she has done in leading the way on this legislation. i am proud to be a co-sponsor of

Peter T. King

2:49:50 to 2:50:11( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: the legislation. mr. speaker, i listened carefully to my good friend from new york, mr. engel, and he really articulated the way all new yorkers feel. september 11 will be a day that none of us will ever forget. it's a day that will be embedded into us because of the terrible horror, the tragedy, all that occurred on that day, but also

Peter T. King

2:50:12 to 2:50:34( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: because of the tremendous valor, tremendous dedication, and the tremendous sense of courage which was also demonstrated on that day. i lost probably 150 constituents, friends, neighbors that day, and that is just all throughout downstate new york, almost every member of congress can say the same thing about the

Peter T. King

2:50:35 to 2:50:55( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: large numbers of deaths in their districts, friends, neighbors, who were murdered that day. it's really important as we go forward that september 11 never just be a day, never just be a who day, never be a day where some people get off or some don't, or a day used to go shopping, it should be a day where we find a way to remind ourselves of the sacfice of that day, of the police officers

Peter T. King

2:50:56 to 2:51:16( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: and e.m.t.'s and construction rkers who actually ran into the incalculable deaths, 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, number of e.m.t.'s, cons were killed rescuing people that day. mr. speaker, just as an

Peter T. King

2:51:17 to 2:51:38( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: historical note, this legislation initiated from an organization called my good deed, and this organization, one of the founders of it was jay, his brother, glenn, was a constituent of mine. glenn was actually working in manhattan that day as lawyer. he's also a volunteer firefighter.

Peter T. King

2:51:39 to 2:51:59( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: after he evacuated his own building hran into the world trade center and was killed. this past week he was finally awarded the 9/11 med a.f.l. valor. but the family in honor of glenn personafide september 11 in that he was both a civilian and firefighter who in both capacities performed so

Peter T. King

2:52:00 to 2:52:21( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: brilliantly that day that he organization which is the genesis of this legislation. could i have additional time? is there a time problem? mr. bilbray: i yield an additional two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for additional two minutes. mr. king: also, for instance, tomorrow throughout my district there will be various types of

Peter T. King

2:52:22 to 2:52:43( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: rvice being carried out. for instance, in my own office, we have a blood drive, run by my sister, patricia. we'll have people lined up giving blood in honor of those killed on september 11. in my own school district, there will be aarge commemoration and the coordinator, ken has

Peter T. King

2:52:44 to 2:53:04( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: cal, a firefighter who lost two brothers, he's coordinating where the students will show the good works that they did in honor of those who died on september 11. mr. speaker, this is a day which again as tragic as it was, as horrible as it was, it's also a day from which tremendous good came from that. let's go forward.

Peter T. King

2:53:05 to 2:53:25( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: let's the spirit of what happened on september 11, both in memory of those who were murdered and honor of those who gave their lives and honor of those who in the days afterwards, con man engel said, not just from new york but all over the country, came to lower manhattan, the world trade center, came to the

Peter T. King

2:53:26 to 2:53:46( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: pentagon, went to pennsylvania to try to do what they could to help those and take part in the rescue operation, recovery operation, and really showed the unity of the nation maybe as never before. with that again i thank the chairman, i thank the ranking member, i certainly thank congresswoman matsui. i urge the adoption of the resolution. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time.

Peter T. King

2:53:47 to 2:53:55( Edit History Discussion )

Peter T. King: the gentleman from new york. mr. towns: i would like to yield five mints to the gentlewoman who really -- five minutes to the gentlewoman who is really responsible for us being here today.

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