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Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: this program is a proven success and should be permanently authorized. i urge my colleagues to support h.r. 965 and reserve t balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from washington. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that revise and extend my remarks and i yield myself such time as i may consume.

Doc Hastings

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Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the speaker pro tempo without objection, so ordered. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i must begin the debate today by expressing my sympathy to the democrat sponsors of this legislation for the poor luck th befallen this bill for now two consecutive years. it seems like when the going gets tough, and there is a need to fill the void on the house

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: floor, someone on the democrat side says, hey, let's roll out the chesapeake watertrails bill. last year when gas prices were at record levels at an average of $4.19 in my home state of washington, democrat leader put this bill on the floor to be debated for several hours. they sought to avoid voting on

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the republican plan to lower gas prices and open additional offshore areas to drilling. and so now here we are this year after the vigorous debate over health care that took place all across america in august, after the president's speech last night, with the

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: government takeover of health care in america very much alive and a threat in this halls of congress, with the economy struggling, with more and more americans losing their jobs, with unemployment nearly -- nearing 10%, democrat leaders has once against sent this chesapeake bay bill to the

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: floor to fill a void. mr. speaker, this bill passed last year with over 300 out of 435 votes. in fac specifically 321 members voted for this bill. this bill could be considered and passed by the house in just a few minutes under the expedited process of th suspension calendar. yet, mr. speaker, here we are

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: this morning with several hours dedicated to debate on watertrails when this congress should be focused on creating jobs, getting control over massive government spending, spending, i might add, that has led to $1 trillion budget deficits in just a few month of this new obama administration.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: so, mr. speaker, just like last year, republicans will explain our concerns with this bill and then we'll focus on the higher priorities facing our country and the american people. chairman grijalva has very clearly complained this bill. it renews a -- explained this

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: bill. it renews a government program for the states surrounding the chesapeake bay. discussion around the country of more than 1,000 -- more than 1,000-page health care bill, i am pleased, very pleased that this chesapeake bay bill is not

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: despite the shortness of the bill, however, republicans believe it can be improved upon and have proposed an alternative that is even shorter and that recognizes the need for this congress to exercise some degree of fiscal discipline. as currently written, this bill would extend the current chesapeake bay program forever

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: without any constraints or limits on how much money can be spent on the program. mr. speaker, this may be a popular program in the mid-atlantic region of our country, yet, i don't believe the natural resources committee in this congress should be in the habit of granting eternal life in unlimited funds sums of money to government programs.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: bills creating or renewing government programs are typically renewed for a set period of time. usually five years. to ensure that there is accountability in these programs, there is a review of these programs and to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being misused, wasted or

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: there is simply no reason to exempt this chesapeake bay program from a periodic review of five years, and there is certainly no reason to lift the program. the substitute amendment by congressman bishop of utah, who is the ranking republican on the national park subcommittee, would renew the bill for five

Doc Hastings

0:38:22 to 0:38:36( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: years and retain current limits on spending. this program has previously, previously existed on five-year periods of time, continue to do so in the future if that amendment is agreed to. so i urge all of my colleagues

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