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Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: have a clear exit strategy and a timetable for the withdrawal of ou if we do that, if we can stop more people from dying, our troops and the afghan people, we will truly be honoring the 3,000 who died on september 11,

Randy Neugebauer

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Speech By: Randy Neugebauer

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? the chair recognizes mr. neugebauer for five minutes. nog nog th - mr. neugebauer: thank you, mr.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: speaker. i spent much of august talking with people. i held meetings in all parts of the 19th congressional district and was amazed at the tremendous amount of turnout. those who came to these were upset about the direction the government is taking their country. they want their voice to be heard washington and i told

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: them i would bring their message back to congress witme and hundreds of those attending our meetings filled out these message forms. i would like to -- as i said i would read these comments on the house floor so everyone in congress would know how they feel, the people of the 19th congressional district, and i think people all across america share so for the next five minutes you're going to hear from the

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: people who came to the august 24 town hall meeting in abilene, texas, in their own words. david from abilene, texas, wrote these comments, my message to washington is, fix social security, medicare, medicaid and v.a. and welfare first. when they have those systems working in place and working like they're supposed to, we can

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: talk about taking on health care. claude, in my business, i have 19 employees and i have reasonable health coverage for all of my employees and i furnish this at no cost to my employees. two of my employees cover their families at their expense. it's a very good policy. jerry said, i'm 75-year-old

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: male, married 52 years. this is all about enormous debt that i will be leaving for my children and grandchildren. police quit spending and look at ways to improve our current system. charles said, you can borrow -- you can't barrow your way out of debt -- borrow your way out of debt. when you find yourself in a

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: hole, stop digging. whatever happened to common sense? stop the cap and trade bill, it will raise taxes on all and not effect the global climate. drill for oil in alaska and f our proven reserves. if the health care bill is good enough for the taxpayers it should be used by the president and the congress and the unions.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: charlie from abilene said, i do not want the government to control our health care. please do not pass a proposed health care reform. government spend something out of conol. please put a cap on spending in all areas, not more bailouts for anybody. please listen and stop spending our money now. bill from abilene asked this question, should this health

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: care bill get passed, will all of the national politicians have to get on it too or will you still keep your individual health insurance you have fow? trudie from abilene says, please stand against all bills that are not read and debated. no to govnment health care. tom from abilene said, you must do everything possible to

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: prevent publicly funded abortions in the health care bill. . maria said people don't see i'm paying for this. lucille from abilene says i do not want government control of my health care. this excess spending is ruing the u.s.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: please be serious about your country and its citizens. grace from abilene said, no new taxes. we need insurance reform not health care reform. the government bankrupted medicare not the recipients. no more bailouts. when did we start bailing out people that live beyond their means in their high-priced

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: houses? mike from abilene said i'm a 7-year-old retired air force vet. i'm concerned about track for life and loss of benefits under the new health care bill. amy from abilene says, please save citizens of this u.s. from paying for abortions and any -- and any encouraging of such form

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: for any funding directly or indirectly euthanasia. karen from abilene, leave our health care alone and cut our taxes. cisco, please continue to stand for truth and freedo in washington. the health care bill is not about more health care but less rationing. hal from abilene, i'm not

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: against sensible reform. i am against the government control of our economy and health care. in short, stay with the confines of the constitution and out of our lives. from abilene, stop the run away spending like cap and trade, fix our prison health care system, support our vets, old and new. emily from abilene, i don't

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: ink our congressmen realize -- i don't think most congressmen realize and understand the true things of the american people. we used to have real regard for our leaders. jerry and camille from ranger, texas, said stop the bailout, stop the outrageous spending. and get back to following the constitution. read all the bills before signing. i was in the front row and i

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: have never been to a town hall meeting before.

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