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Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: i hope that it will help to reinforce the great importance of the u.s. constitution to our nation. i yield back the balance of my time. thepeaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? >> address the house for five

Randy Neugebauer

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Speech By: Randy Neugebauer

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: minutes revise and extend my remarks. objection, so ordered. the gentleman from texas is recognized for five minutes. mr. neugebauer: like many members in the house i spent time visiting those from the 19th congressional district that ep sent me here. i had several coffees across my district and one of the things

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: they spoke about is they are concerned about the the direction of their country. as i listened to the president and his advisers they think these people are not main street america and are somehow disillusioned. this they see their government bailing out banks and car

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: companies and see their government taking over every aspect of their life and want to taking over their health care. want you to hear what they are saying. i'm self-employed and pay my taxes. i believe we have too much government in our business and daily lives.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: jennifer, keep the government out of health care, remind them of our broken system, social security, medicare and medicaid. we don't need another one. bobby, i do not want the government to run my health care. america does not need any more debt. rick asked this question, why can't the government cut back on spending like the rest of us

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: have to? meld, my husband and i were born in a very poor families. we are able to realize the american dream. i want this opportunity for future generations. michael from lub objection, reform is -- lubbocks.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: read, understand, apply the constitution. mandy, we want to keep our great insurance that we pay premiums for. we don't want our tax dollars to fund another fee as cow and become another canada. holly, stop the spending. when i get in debt, i pay for things slowly, but surely, i'm

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: out of debt now and i don't want to ask people to print money for me. bob, promise me you will put yourself and your family on the same plan you are going to force upon us. grace, i hope you look at the people who don't have insurance. james, u.s. congress and the

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: executive branch of the federal government should limit their reach to what is allowed by our founding fathers' documents. robert, we must stop this crazy deficit spending and borrowing. marilyn, i hope you will find a way to find the programs that are available to cover all americans.

Randy Neugebauer

0:37:08 to 0:37:29( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: rosa lee, government is spending too much money, back off. larry, in the bill, there is language limiting the growth of physician-owned hospitals. they supply health care services more efficiently than other community-based larger hospitals. i'm against this bill. sandra, we need to slow things down.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: people need to read the bill before doing any voting. taylor who attended with her grandmother, i'm nine years old and i'm wondering why you are spending my future. thank you for listening. ron, when my kids were in college, my friends called me the a.t.m. i don't want to be the president's a.t.m.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: george, as big government continues to expand, there is a loss of individual freedom accompanied by excessive spending and amassing of ridiculous deficits. michelle, i am in a registered nurse in a local emergency room. i'm personally against the health care bill. how do we fix overcrowding.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: nurses are working very hard. and jack, say no to the government health care and protect our borders. and joel, please do not -- please say no to all of this excessive spending. some of it does not fit within our constitution. susan, i have been an r.n. for 34 years. i'm tired of seeing patients turned away.

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: this takes a toll. and mary jo, please do all you can to keep the health care in our hands government. mr. speaker, mr. president, these are not people that are off on some tangept, but people who are concerned about their country and concerned that the government is taking over every

Randy Neugebauer

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Randy Neugebauer: aspect of their lives. they are concerned that we are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren and skerpped that the personal liberties and freedoms are at risk. mr. president, madam speaker, it's time to listen to the

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