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House Proceeding on Sep 16th, 2009 :: 1:09:20 to 1:16:05
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John Kline

1:09:20 to 1:16:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Kline

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: the w enacting with

John Kline

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John Kline: bipartisan support the ensuring continued access to student loans act. apparently democrats are pursuing a partisan goal they have harbored within a decade. if democrats wanted to pursue a

John Kline

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John Kline: support to stabilizing the student loan programs and reducing our deficit, they would support the republican alternative which we plan to offer later in the debate. that's one amendment that was made in order under this rule, and i'm certainly glad it was. our amendment offers a allows us to slow down and carefully consider what is best for students, schools and

John Kline

1:12:10 to 1:12:31( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: taxpayers. shifting to 100% direct lending will radcally alter the way that students pay for college. it will cause upheaval at colleges and universities from coast to coast as schools scramble to make the personnel and infrastructure changes necessary to administer a program that is run by the federal government. this is a serious issue that deserves a serious debate.

John Kline

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John Kline: and wh are we doing about it? we're giving it a few hours this aernoon and tomorrow morning before casting our votes and turning our attention to the next thing. students deserve better. families deserve better. the tens of tho americans who stand to lose their jobs deserve better. and taxpayers who will ultimately foot the bill for this measure, this massive expansion of government deserve

John Kline

1:12:53 to 1:13:13( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: better. we've had discussion already this morning about the cost of this bill. and they are certainly confusing and debatable. proponents say and have said it will save billions and reduce the deficit. others say it will add tens of billions of dollars to the deficit. as mr. dreier was addressing

John Kline

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John Kline: earlier. in fact -- let me get my glasses for this -- i was looking at a story from a newspap city discussing an independent analysis of this program and it says, quote, changes in the loan program will, quote, save

John Kline

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John Kline: a big chunk of money, said mark goldwine from the committee of responsible federal budget, a watchdog group. will it be the right amount to offset the new spending? the obvious answer is, we don't know. . the squout look will be particularly uncertain because it will depend on economy related factors such as default

John Kline

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John Kline: rates, need-based aid and other th's why the congressional budget office in looking at this bil has amended although not officially by the rules of of this house, its estimate. in the letter that mr. drer talked about addressed to senator gregg, they said if we had used market-risk based

John Kline

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John Kline: analysis like we did in the tarp program, this bill wouldn't "save $7 billion "it would be less. if we counted over discretionary spending he, over $13 billion, it would cost more. and if we look at the real cost of pell grants t. would cost another $11.5 billion more. i think those that say that this

John Kline

1:14:40 to 1:15:00( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: is going to impact the increase the deficit have the arguments in their favor. i underand it's debatable. but what is certainly clear, what is not confusing, is that this bill is an expansion of the government with new programs and new spending. it is a government takeover and it wil

John Kline

1:15:01 to 1:15:21( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: jobs. i wanted to address just a couple of comments that have already been made today in this debate. i felt the pain when my colleague from colorado talked about the student that was paying some 15 1/2% interest. that's not a pell program. that interest rate is capped.

John Kline

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John Kline: we want to make sure that such a program exists. and people aren't paying those kinds of interest rates. then i'm always struck when one of my colleagues says, well, we are trying to eliminate waste and inefficiency. by going to a government program. my colleagues, that just defies history.

John Kline

1:15:43 to 1:16:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: to find a government program that reduces waste and inefficiency. the stories are rampant. we know in every department huge amounts of waste and inefesh -- inefficiency whether it's a $600 hammer in defense acquisition or money wasted in trailers sitting on feels after hurricane recovery efforts.

John Kline

1:16:04 to 1:16:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: the feder

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