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Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: colleagues should know that this reform lees behind many of those who need it the most. back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. stearns, for five minutes. mr. stearns: i ask unanimous consent to rgs. -- to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.

Cliff Stearns

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Speech By: Cliff Stearns

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: mr. stearns: madam speaker, eight years ago in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in america's history that we've ever faced, the united states sent troops to afghanistan. these troops were sent to accomplish a difficult mission but achievable mission. and despite the gains that have been made to date, our mission

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: has not been properly resourced and executed. as such, ght years later the fight rages on and terrorists are still plotting to hijack our planes, blow up our bridges, wrk havoc on our cities and murder innocent people. so the threat has not changed. afghanistan remains a crucial theater in the war against

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: terrorism and extremist who is seek to destroy our way of life and it deserves our utmost attention and adequate resources. to his credit, president obama recognizes that our war in afghanistan does need these greater resources, but some within his administration and party are advocating a smaller

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: footprint strategy calling for a reduction in the number of u.s. troops on the ground and a sole focus on al qaeda only instead of on the taliban-led insurgent coalition. but a small footprint strategy did not work in iraq. what did work was a

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: counterinsurgency strategy backed by the surge of american troops. in fact, it was this strong presence of american soldiers in iraq that encouraged iraqis to come forward with valuable intelligence which in turn led tomore effective targeting of al qaeda and other insurgent groups. my colleagues, this can be done in afghanistan, but it also must include support by our

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: european allies and our freedom-loving countries who desire to rid the world of terrorism. general mcchrystal, the u.s. commander in afghanistan, is advocating an expanded military effort within a new counterinsurgency strategy that focuses on protecting afghans from the intimidate tactics of the taliban through a troop

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: surge. capable and accomplished officer with an extensive counterinsurgen experience. yesterday, he warned that we need more forces within the next year and that without them our mission in afghanistan will likely result in failure. when it comes to military strategy, we should listen to those who know firsthand what the situation on the ground is

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: in afghanistan. but, my colleagues, we must also look at the political sfrass of afghanistan, be sure its political leaders are representing the best interests of the afghan people and political corruption is eliminated. it's clear that the afghan military needs our help and our numbers -- but currently there

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: are only 173,000 men in the afghan army and police. compare that with iraq. in that country, which is smaller and less populous, there are over 600,000fghan army and police. clearly we need to train more afghan military personnel. unfortunately, though, for the past eight years, afghanistan

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: has not been properly resourced war. the new strategy proposed by general mcchrystal and general david petraeus is focused on expanding and improving afghan forces with better traing and embedded advisors and forming a true partnership and trust of

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: afghan units and american units growing their force. but before we put more american troops in afghanistan we need a more deliberate plan with the afghan military that includes parcipation by our allies and adequate support from the afghan people and legitimate political leaders. the reality of the situation on the ground in afghanistan is

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: that it would take another two years to expand afghanistan's forces to around 300,000 personnel. experts suggest that at least 360,000 afghan troops and police are need to adequately fight the counterinsurgency and to effectively police the country's 33 million inhabitants. this is the key to our success.

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: one thing we must not forget is that a withdrawal at this critical juncture would destabilize pakistan, an ally in the region of instability and a country in position of nuclear weapons. so, my colleagues, we need a new strategy that can work, but this new strategy can work only

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: if we require patience of the american people and a knowledge that this magnitude of importance is not going to be won overnight or from afar. the sacrifices we make overseas

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