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Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: whether you agree or disagree with the prior administration, please do no more damage to this nation's credibility. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mr. spratt. mr. moran.

Nathan Deal

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Speech By: Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: mr. bishop from utah. mr. franks from arizona. mr. deal from georgia. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. deal: i thank you.

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: congress recessed on july 31 for the beginning of the august ecess. on that day house resolution 3200 passed out of the committees that had jurisdiction. that is the health care reform bill. it passed out of the energy and commerce committee on which i serve late on that friday

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: evening the last day in july. and everybody in this house went home for the august recess . during that period of time, i held town hall meetings, as did many of my colleagues. there were tea parties. there were freedom rallies. the american public spoke out as they have not ne in a very

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: long time. and much of their frustrations centered around the bill h.r. 3200 that at that point in time had passed al of the committees of the house and was ready for action on the floor. but the american public sent a

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: message, a message that they don't like the runaway spending that congress has been engaged in. they don't like many of the programs tha jeopardizing the future of thr children and grandchildren in terms of the repayment responsibilities. but more than anything else, they sent the message that they

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: do not want their health care tampered with and taken over by the united states government. now, surprisingly, that message apparently has not been heard on the floor ofhis house. yesterday, in the committee of primary jurisdiction that has

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: h.r. 3200, the bill was in effect reopened for further amendments. now, you would think that if the bill is going to be revisited that we would have heard not only from the american people but we would have heard from the president of the united states, who on september 9 spoke right here on

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: the floor of the house. at the time he anunsiated issues that he was in favor of. republicans agreed with many of those things. but the question we had at the time was -- where is the bill that embodies the things that you say you're in favor of?

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: we did not see a bill then, and unfortunately, we have not seen one since that time. so yesterday, in the committee of primary jurisdiction, you would think that we would have seen a bill that would have embraced the principles that the president said he was in favor of, even though it was not embraced in the bill that

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: was the only bill before the house when the president was actually speaking. you would think it would have embraced many of the issues that the american public said they were concerned about. republicans attempted to offer a bill that would have embraced those issues where there should be bipartisan support. but we were not allowed to have

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: a vote. now, there are many issues that are encompassed in this debate. one that i have supported for a very long time is that if we are going to use taxpayer money , we should verify the citizenship of individuals who are going to receive the benefits of that taxpayer money.

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: because unless that is verified there is no validity to simply saying that we are not going to spend taxpayers' money or people who have violated our law and are coming into our country inappropriately. so the question remains -- where are we on health care reform? the rumors now abound that

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: speaker pelosi is about to introduce a bill that purports to address the issues she's concerned with. we haven't seen the bill. i would ask the question -- is that bill going to come before the committees of jurisdiction? is there going to be a hearing on it? are committees going to have the opportunity to amend it, or

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: is it going to go as so many other things have gone in this body during this last few months, straight to the floor of this house with very little, if any, opportunity to have an input from the representatives who are the elected representatives of the people of this great country? those are the questions that

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: still remain. they are stil unanswered, and i would conclude again, if there is something that we have gained from what we've heard from the president and more particularly what we've heard from the american public during the august recess, where is the bill that puts it in writing? we have yet to see it.

Nathan Deal

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Nathan Deal: thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: thank you. mr. forbes from virginia is

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