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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: american money to tyrants of nations in the hope of a blissful illusion of buying peace. mr. speaker, has america lost its way? we shall see. and that's just the way it is. the speaker pro tempore: ms. woolsey.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: mr. jones. mr. nye. mr. burton. the gentleman from indiana is recognized for five minutes. >> i request permission to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. burton: on tuesday, the congressional budget office told senator baucus that his plan to cut $123 billion from the mid care advantage program that gives almost 1/4 of

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: seniors private health insurance options will result in lower benefits and some 2.7 million people losing their coverage. last week, mr. bachus ordered the medicare regulators to investigate and likely punish humana incorporated for trying to educate enrollees in its advantage plans about precisely

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this fact. jonathan bloom, the acting director of a regulatory office in the centers for medicare and medicaid service who used to workor max bachus said that a mailer humana sent to its customers was misleading and confusing to beneficiaries, who may believe it represents

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: official communication about the medicare advantage program, end quote. he also banned all advantage contractors from telling customers what mr. elmendorf told congress. mr. bloom happens to be a former senior aide to mr. bachus and an advisor on the president obama transition team.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: for the record, c.b.o.'s director elmendorf said cuts to medicare advantage could lead to many plans to limit the benefits they offer, raise premium or withdraw from the program. they want to put a gag on the deliverers of this congress because they're wring to patient the people they're

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: cover, lose coverage if this bill passethat medicare advantage is going to be gutted, senator baucus is now saying we want to put a gag in the mouths of the people who are providing this coverage so that they can't tell the senior citizens of this country they're going to lose medice advantage coverage.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: that is a violation of the first amendment and secondly, i don't know of any rule that would allow senator baucus to do this. this is absolutely a terrible thing and mr. bloom doesn't have the authority to do this, mr. bachus, senator baucus does not have the authority to do

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this, and yet they're gagging the health care providers, the people who are insuring these people and providing coverage by saying, you can't tell them they're going to lose medicare advantage. the plan mr. bachus and other plans here in the house and senate are going to cut $500 billion out of medicare and most of it's coming out of

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: medicare advantage. they're trying to ep the seniors in this country from knowing it untithey get the job done. that is criminal. first they violate the first amendment rights of these country -- of these company, then they gag them and threaten them with criminal prosecution or some kind of penalties if they don't adhere to what mr.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: bachus says or mr. bloom says. then they don't let the american people, the seniors who vote more than anybody else to know they're going to lose medicare advantage and they're going to take $500 billion out of medicare coverage. seniors need to know this and yet they're gagging the people who are trying to get the facts out. this is just dead wrong, it

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: should not happen. this is government control in its worst form and it's something we should not tolerate. in addition to what i j said, i want to read into the record a letter i got from a doctor ned mossbalm, who is a

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: forensic psychiatry expert in indianapolis and the he wrote this to the american medical association he said, dear congressman burton, he wrote this to me about t medical association, dear congressman burton thank you for your well thought out letter. when i heard about the new a.m.a. position supporting socialized medicine, and folks, that's what it is. i felt a sickening feeling in

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the pit of my stomach. i've been a member of the a.m.a. for over 40 years. unfortunately, it lately become a leftist political cheerleader with the usual pro-abortion and anti-second amendment drivel. however this illiterate position betais its own member that was american citizenry.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: it's so blind sided it eliminates the need for the american medical association. if we all become serfs for the government weo longer need a formerly scientific professional organization. with the a.m.a. headquarters in chicago, the a.m.a. president and his ilk polluted with chicago-style politics and their brains

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: turned to mush. this morning, i had a lengthy teleconference with the executive vice president of the indiana medical association. apparently the indiana state medical association has not yet taken any position. i have also written a letter to the president of the a.m.a., a copy of which is enclosed, advising my position and the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: intent to r please keep up the good fight. this is the kind of information that needs to g americans. seniors need to know they're going to lose coverage and $500 billion is going to be cut out of medicare. thank you, mr. speaker. the spear pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: is recognized for one minute. >> request unanimous consent to address the the house and

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