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Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: continues. the world must act, mr. speaker, for the sake of freedom and for all that free people love. iran must not be allowed to progress one step further in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: mr.

Michael R. Turner

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Speech By: Michael R. Turner

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: inglis. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from ohio, mr. turner, is recogniz for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. turner: thank you, speaker. president obama's decision to

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: scrap a long range european base missile defense shield was not only met with concern among our european allies but more importantly has sounded alarms here at home where the president's action will leave the nation vulnerable to iranian long-range missile attack. three years ago in response to growing threats from iran, u.s. developed -- the u.s. developed

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: plans to install a missile defense system in eastern europe to protect europe and e united states from potential long-range missile attack. under the program 10 interceptor missiles will be located in poland and a radar station will be built in the czech republic with the goal of being fully operational by 2013.

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: the european-based missile defense system will add an additional layer of defense to the continental united states which already has a small network of interceptors on the west coast. the european-based missile defense shield was endorsed by our nato allies who called it a substantial contribution to their collective security. now, the obama administration

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: has taken the unusual and highly questionable position of canceling the planned european-based missile defense system in favor of a scaled back program that will not be ready until 2020. the threat represented by iran is real and growing. last bruary, iran launched a satellite demonstrating

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: substantial progress toward achieving a reliable long-range missile program. a month later, the head of the u.s. european command testified before the house armed services committee that iran would be able to deploy an intercontinental ballistic missile, and icbm, capable of reaching all of europe and parts of the united states by the year 2015.

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: the president stated his decision was based upon reduced threats from iran and greater cost efficiency of his alternative defense system. and anyone knows that there is no diminished threat from iran. however, a july, 2008, classified report produced by the institute for defense analysis concluded that the europea system that the administration

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: now wants to cancel would in fact be the most cost-effective. i've called on the administration to declassify this report so that all of the facts could be known and we could have a robust debate. moscow has made no secret of its opposition to european-based missile defense system and has repeatedly called for its elimination.

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: furthermore, european leaders have heard from russian leaders, the russians have continually shown that they have no intention of pressing iran to drop its nuclear and issile programs. for its part, iran also shows no willingness to be deterred by russia. yet, the administration and moscow assistance in halting

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: the ambitions has chosen to surrender american's bargaing system with the shelf of the missile defense system. while the reverse on missile defense is being met with smiles in moscow, americans have real reason to be concerned. by thed a mfings' own admission, its alternative missile defense system will not

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: be fully to be fully capable until 2020 with intelligence indicating iran will have icbm capability until 2015. this means the united states could be vulnerable to iranian missile attack five years before the administration gets its new missile defense system ready. not only is iran near its goal of launching icbm's, reportedly, it already has the

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: ability to construct a nuclear bomb. last thursday a gruche experts at the international atomic energy agency stated in a report obtained by the associated press that iran is already capable of building a nuclear bomb and is on its way of building a missile defense system capable of carrying an atomic warhead. remarkably, in the face of the blatant actions to develop a

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: nuclear weapons program, the administration continues to pursue a course of unilateral disarmament. earlier this year the president cut funding for missile interceptors to be based in alaska as part of the ongoing construction of a homeland misile defense systemeducing the number of interceptors by 1/3. i oppose that move and offered an amendment in the house to

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: restore the funding. unfortunately, the president's cut was sustain by the democratic majority of the house. the administration's record on missile defense at a time when both north korea and iran are seeking nuclear weapons capable of reaching the united states is troubling. this year the administration has cut missile defense by $1.2 billion, reducing by a third

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: our intended west coast shield which would protect us from north korea's advance has stopped a european-base system intended to protect the threat from iranian missile threats. in the face of known threats, this administration needs to rededicate ielf to the defense of the united states mainland.

Michael R. Turner

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Michael R. Turner: become mckeeon, was elected in 1993 -- mckeon, was elected in 1993, has been a leader in ensuring the united states has adequate defense, both that our

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