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Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: troops have adequate equipment inheir conflicts but also in ensuring that the united states has adequate defense systems. and with that i'd like to represent representative mckeon. mr. mckeon: thank you, mike. thank you for holding this special order. you know, i think you've done an outstanding job of out to the american people the problem with cutting our missile defense system at a

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Speech By: Howard P. Buck McKeon

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: time of war. you know, i've been here a little bit longer than you. i came in 1992. in 1992 we had 18 army divisions. we're down to 12 now. actually in 1998 we were down to 10. we built it back up in the last 10 years.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: we had 24 fighter wings. we now have 12. we had 546 navy ships. we now have to you detect a trend? europe we historically have cut our defenses after a war. we did that after world war i

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: so that when world war ii came along we were training wh wooden dummy rifles and took us a while to get -- build up in that fight. by the end of the war we were building hundreds of planes a day but it took a long time to get tre. the world has change we're not in a tuation now whre we can build up defenses after the fact.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: we have to be prepared out ahead of time. we had a golden opportunity to do that. the president earlier this year and the democratic congress passed a $800 billion supplementhat was supposed to help us get out of the financial system that we're in.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: the president called f shovel ready projects, things that could be done immediately to help the economy. well, just a couple of other things. i serve on the education committee. we had about $1 that supplemental for education , education programs, the pell

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: grants, which is very important. but to put them $12 billion and $14 billion into idea and the same amount into pell grants, those are long-range things that will help in the long run. it showed where s priorities are, which are good. i mean, it's good to find out

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: where his priorities are. but at the same time out of into defense. $300 million out of $800 billion. now, that $300 million went to mion, which are orient projects that we need to build on military bases. nothing went into weapon systems.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: when i came to congress we were building the b-2 bomber. it was supposed to be $132 planes. that was -- it was supposed to be 132 planes. that was need for defense of our nation. that was planned out. everybody bought into everybody agreed on it. they ended up building 21. at the same time we were

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: planning a new fighter because we -- we needed it to compete worldwide with things that russia and china were doing. and we were going to build 750 f-22's. in this last budget that was just passed in the house, hasn't finally become law yet. we're still in conference. but they have made a decision

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: that now we don't need 750. we can get by with 187. i don't know what's changed in the world to make it all of a sudden much safer to give us 187 that that will now satisfy the need. you know, it's a trend that's very disturbing.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: cutting $1.2 billion out of our ballistic missile defense. historically, as i said, we cut the defense after a war. i don't know that we've ever in our history cut our defense during not one but two wars which we have going right now in iraq and afghanistan. and as you mention the problems

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: we see with iran. today's announcement that iran has a covert uranium enrichment facility should really no surprise. why develop a covert enrichment facility if tehran claims its program is solely for civilian purposes? why don't they tell the world? why don't they brag about it if

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: that's what they're doing? i think people understand ther doing it covertly. this deception shows a clear intent tehran to hide a growing nuclear weapons capability. in the end, classified judgments from december, 2007, national intelligence estimate on iran's nuclear intentions and capabilities, it was

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: assessed that, i probably would use covert facilities rather than its declared nuclear sites for the production of highly enriched uranium for a weapon, end quote. however, the n.i.e. went on to further say that we judge that these efforts were probably 2003, halt and that these

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: efforts had not been restarted thrgh at least mid 2008. well, what i heard this morning in the president's speech is that they've been building this plant secretly, covertly to enrich uranium for years. these efforts have been restarted. today's announcement means that previous estimates on when iran

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: could achieve a nuclear weapons breakout are now inaccurate. this disclosure also highlights just how uncertain our intelligence can be. administration explained that its primary reason, as you said, for scrapping the nuclear -- the european missile defense system to be located in poland and the czech republic was

Howard P. Buck McKeon

0:55:55 to 0:56:15( Edit History Discussion )

Howard P. Buck McKeon: because the threat was now downgraded. in december, 2007, our intelligence community judged that iran didn't have a covert uranium enrichment facility. now, less than two years later it does. how then can the administration be so confident in its assessment that iran can't develop a long-range ballistic

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: missile by 2015? or maybe buy one from somebody? we need to be skeptical of policy decisions based solely on intelligence. much as it can be right. we have to take it into account but it cannot be even with the best efforts of our

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: intelligence committee the sole basis for a decision. i mean, you can also look at human nature, you can look at past history, you can look at how they reacted in the past, and then based on that how we can expect them to react in the future. we've witnessed iran successfully use a long-range rocket to launch a satellite into space, work closely with

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: the north koreans who themselves appear to be pursuing icbm's and continue to expand its nuclear capabilities. what other covert facilities and programs does iran have under its slate? they came up with this apparently they found out that we had already known about it and so

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: now they're telling the world, but what else do they have going on that we don't kn about or they're not tell us or we're not finding out about? it's time for the obama administration to do something concrete about beyond pinning their hopes on upcoming talks, relying on russia to protect our security interests. this starts with stronger

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: sanctions against iran right now. robustly funding missile defense, and iran's containment strategies working with our allies which will pervade allies and friends from proliferating. i want to commend you mike for

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: the job you're doing as ranking member on the subcommittee, it's a very important job. i appreciate you holding this special order and getting this information out to the people. the american people have to understand this important issue. our defense is our main responsibility. we do a lot of other things around here but defense of this nation is our number one responsibility.

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