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House Proceeding 09-25-09 on Sep 25th, 2009 :: 1:11:40 to 1:16:10
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Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: franks, we were elected at the same time, he was talking about the covert issue of iran and what they announced with their secondary sites. you've been a leader in highlighting this issue, so people know what the risk and what we have the capability of. but on the threat side, you know, this administration is --

Trent Franks

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Speech By: Trent Franks

Trent Franks

1:11:57 to 1:12:17( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: has stepped forward and said that we have a threat that is not the same as we thought, they say it's lessened. everyb believes it's either increasing, no one will say it's diminishing. representative franks, for you to talk about the

Trent Franks

1:12:18 to 1:12:39( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: threat issue to our family. mr. franks: thank you for the time. i have to say, mr. speaker, i think all of the previous speakers have covered critically important points. and before i give a statement related to the european site, primarily, i just want to say i was struck by the chairman -- the chairman to be, we hope, of the strategic forces committee

Trent Franks

1:12:40 to 1:13:00( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: that your comments saying that the statement that was made by the iaea related to iran's nuclear capability came on the same day that the president decided to abandon the european site i thought was profound because in reality this alternative that the president suggest that we can put in place -- in place of the ground

Trent Franks

1:13:01 to 1:13:21( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: base system, we were going to build anyway. that's nothing new. all we want to do is take out the equation of the ground base system where as mr. akin says would actually have the capability of interdicting icbm's. that's all we've done. the system we were building in europe could have protected the american homeland.

Trent Franks

1:13:22 to 1:13:42( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: any ability to do that in this so-called alternative that we were going to build anyway will be out around 2020. i just appreciate the gentleman being able to point out that critically important point. because i believe, mr. speaker, that the obama administration's decision last week to abandon the eopean site will go down in history as the crossroads in european and american

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: relations. and i'm afraid that this and future generations will be greaktly affected. when the administration abandoned plans for a ground base in europe i believe the president fundamentally digraced and weakened this nation by brking his word to our loyal and courageous allies

Trent Franks

1:14:04 to 1:14:26( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: in the czech republic and poland. and, mr. speaker, america has become the greatest nation in history because our word has always meant something. the announcement to abandon the protected defense shield has altered their paradigm. and after the news was announced, newspapers in the czech republic and poland

Trent Franks

1:14:27 to 1:14:47( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: stated this in the starkest terms. one poland headline said, betrayed. the u.s.a. has sold us to the russians and stabbed us in the back, unquote. that's an incredible statement. in the czech republic, one paper commented, one of the major newspapers, obama gave

Trent Franks

1:14:48 to 1:15:09( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: into the kremlin, closed quote. this has weakened america's place in the world. mr. speaker, president obama's decision to aband our allies and placate the other's belligerence came on the exact day of the soviet union's invasion of poland after stalin

Trent Franks

1:15:10 to 1:15:30( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: and hitler insidiously agreed to divide the nation of poland between themselves. our allies deserve better than that, mr. speaker, as they pai the tremendous price of politically and otherwise to stand by us, they had a right to expect america to keep her word and to stand by them. but ironically, mr

Trent Franks

1:15:31 to 1:15:51( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: mr. obama's terribly flawed reasoning for abandoning of the missile defense site has everything to do with russia because russia has always hated the missile defense plan because they don't want american presence in their former, quote, empire. knowing that this would diminish russia's influence in the region even though the russian military will not be

Trent Franks

1:15:52 to 1:16:10( Edit History Discussion )

Trent Franks: threatened in any way by the european site. it would not be any real defense of any kind against the russian federation strike. russia leaders know that in the american missile interceptors are placed in poland those two

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