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House Proceeding 09-25-09 on Sep 25th, 2009 :: 1:44:35 to 1:51:20
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Steve King

1:44:32 to 1:44:52( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: secretary gates. secretary gates, requesting -- that he make this study available for fiscal year 2007. we hope that he releases it so we can have a robust debate on that. and with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. under the speaker's announc policy of january 6, 2009, the chair recognizes the geleman from iowa, mr. king, for 60

Steve King

1:44:35 to 1:51:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve King

Steve King

1:44:53 to 1:45:15( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: minutes. mr. king: thank you, mr. speaker. i -- as w congressional week, mr. speaker, and i listen to the gentleman from ohio and the gentleman from utah and the gentleman from arizona talk about missile defense and our snal security, what i have

Steve King

1:45:16 to 1:45:36( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: heard over this last hour is a technical, tactical, strategic explanation of why america has taken the positions that we have, the decisions that have been made in the previous administrations, and i think a clear and stark anational is i

Steve King

1:45:37 to 1:45:58( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: of the apparently huge diplomatic mistake made by the president of the united states. i'd make a point that those who defend them seems to always revert back to daye fault position of the president must have gotten something for it. they speculate that there must be a quid proquo to pull the rug out -- quid pro quo to pull

Steve King

1:45:59 to 1:46:19( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the rug out from the eastern europeans, frankly the polls and the czechs, as mr. franks said one of the headlines in their papers is betrayed. betrayed the polls and the czechs, the united states of america, the confidence in our security have been diminished in a way that probably can

Steve King

1:46:20 to 1:46:40( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: never be rebuilt. but those who defend that decision will say, well, the president is a smart negotiator. he's a brilliant man and so, therefore, we have to trust his knowledge because he must know something that we don't. and yet i haven't heard one of these imagative characters

Steve King

1:46:41 to 1:47:01( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: that can depend anything and advocate -- defend anything and advocate anything that would be worth doing what the president did. what could possibly be worth giving up the integrity and credibility of the united states? what could possibly be something that could come out of any negotiations with iran

Steve King

1:47:02 to 1:47:24( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: or russia that could emerge as a plus on this side that would offset the loss of international credibility and the word of the united states and our commitment to our allies let alone giving up the strategic position of being able to take out iranian missiles shortly after th

Steve King

1:47:25 to 1:47:46( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: leave the launch pad? and so if your president is so much smarter than you are that he must have gotte accomplished behind the scenes that's so available that even you can't conceive of what it might have been, i don't know if you call that a rational thought or religion. but, mr. speaker, we're in a situation here where the united

Steve King

1:47:47 to 1:48:07( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: states and the world is in a very, very dangerous place. and this globe is a giant chess board. and it's a giant monopoly game and it's a giant risk game that's going on and a giant poker game that's going on. and there are some poker players, and monopoly players out there that are really good and really

Steve King

1:48:08 to 1:48:28( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: smart and they spend their time trying to figure out how to outmaneuver the united states. it's taken place ever since the and the monopoly game here in the united states broke the soviet union a they imploded and now we have putin over there at the chess board, at

Steve King

1:48:29 to 1:48:49( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the poker table and he's making moves on this global chess board that seek to what he can of the former soviet union. it would be in his interest to cause iran to be on their side. for us to ask putin to be open and do us a favor and maybe he could talk real nice to the

Steve King

1:48:50 to 1:49:11( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: iranians and they would stop their nuclear endeavor after all of these years and these billions of dollars spent and the great diplomatic risk that they take, these people are not going to take over -- tip over their king and walk away from this chess board. for the president to think that dialogue is diplomacy and that you can complish things just

Steve King

1:49:12 to 1:49:32( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: because you talk about it is an inherently left-wing myopic european view. and it's something i heard from their mouths in the discussions that we have over in that part of the world. we have with us mr. bishop from utah who has significant insight into that part of the

Steve King

1:49:33 to 1:49:53( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: world, the politics of western europe as well as geography of that part of the world, iran, the middle east, eastern europe and also western europe. i've asked the gentleman if he'd stick a to impart some of that broader view to the look of what's being -- the forces that are at

Steve King

1:49:54 to 1:50:14( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: play in this dynamic, the forces of russia, forces of iran, the islamic efforts that's there, the israeli position that's there, the threat that comes, iran threatening to annihilate israel off the face of the

Steve King

1:50:15 to 1:50:35( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: earth. this will come closer and closer that israel will have no choice but at least attempt to take out the nuclear capability of iran. if their survival might very well be at stake. and so this move that might look like it's a move designed to pacify the russians might well end up being something

Steve King

1:50:36 to 1:50:56( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: that compels the israelis to make a military strike and it may well be once the missiles are removed in the middle east and there is a decision that moves us toward the inevidentibility that a military action will take place as well as a pass fist action on the part of the president.

Steve King

1:50:57 to 1:51:18( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: this is what comes when you go to the capitulation. he came back from mnich saying he achieved peace in our time. well, peace in our time didn't last too long. i was thinking about the situation of how it was that hitler actually negotiated with

Steve King

1:51:19 to 1:51:20( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the russians for a while and

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