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John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: create a public option that just adds to the problem. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. mr. dunn dan of -- mr. duncan of tennessee, you acknowledged for five minutes. mr. duncan: thank you, madam speaker. hi the privilege going earlier today to the flag ceremony at the state department for viktor

John J. Jr.Duncan

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Speech By: John J. Jr.Duncan

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: ash who is retiring as an ambassador of poland. he's a long friend of mine and roomed together in san francisco where we were attending the 1964 republican national convention. i was between my junior and senior years in high school and at the time was and honorary assistant sergeant at arms at the convention. i don't suppose you can get any lower than being an norary

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: assistant but it got me in the door. and victor that sum her just completed his first year at yale and i'm sure had a more important position. in the years since th viktor ash has had one of the most distinguished careers from anyone in my statement he was elected to the tennessee statehouse at the age of 21, minimum age for service to that body. he began his service in the tennessee state senate at the

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: age of 30, also the minimum age required. he was the republican nominee for the u.s. senate and then spena year and a half as the executive director of the president's commission on americans outdoors. in 1987 he was elected as mayor of knoxville, eventually serving for 16 years and becoming the longest serving mayor in the city's history.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: in that position he achieved national recognition by being named president of the u.s. conference of mayors. five years ago president george w. bush named viktor ash our am bass dord to poland where he served longer than any other u.s. ambassador to that country. political appointees usually become our very best ambassadors and that was true

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: in the case of of viktor. heisited approximately 20 villages, towns, and cities in poland. covering almost every nook and cranny of that country. he hosted receptions and parties for over 28,000 people. and had 320 overnight guests at the ambassador's residence, showing never forgot where he came from, most of his

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: overnight guests were from the knoxville area. hi the privilege of leading a congressional delegation of 11 members to poland and ambassador ash and his wife went far and beyond the call of duty in hosting us at that time. in addition hi several members of congress who met him on other trips and they always came back singing the praises of our great ambassador.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: i met many u.s. ambassadors and ambassadors from other countries dung my time in congress. i have never met, heard of, or read about anyone who has worked as hard or spent as much time going around the country getting to know people from all walks of life. i want t commend victor ash for his service to the people of tennessee and the statehouse and senate and mayor of knoxville. tonight i especially want to

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: salute him for his great service at the 24th u.s. ambassador to one of our strongest allies, the nation of poland. having summed up his distinguished career thus far, i also want to commend him for continuing to advocate good things for our nation. a friend of mine writes the embassy columner for the "washington times." this past friday most of the

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: column was about the farewell message victor ash posted on the website of the u.s. embassy in poland. in that message ambassador ash iticized the construction of for treys like american embassies throughout the wormed. he pointed out these for tresses have been built even in countries where americans face little danger of terrorist attacks. going ridiculously overboard on

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: security cause serious problems. message from our diplomats who are supposed to be trying to make friends. and two, it has cost u.s. taxpayers many unnecessary billions all over the world. ambassador ash wrote, quote, the design of many of these buildings quite often create the for treys like atmosphere

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: and impression given to host nations can be less than friendly. not the wrm welcoming impression we should offer as americans. he complained that the state department is imposing security requirements and design elements for all new u.s. embassies regardless of the threat posed in more nations. given different security situations in virtually every

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: nation, wide flexibility in construction design and location is needed as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach mr. ash said. as such, different sites and designs can be adopted at less cost and greater architectural

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