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Stephen F. Lynch

1:15:36 to 1:15:59( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: reserving this time to pay a special tribute to our friend and colleague, senator ted kennedy. if you have been watching tonight, you'll notice that the members with the most seniority have been given the privilege to speak first. which is the way it works down here. the longer you're here the more you appreciate that.

Stephen F. Lynch

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Speech By: Stephen F. Lynch

Stephen F. Lynch

1:16:00 to 1:16:20( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: however i am one of the more junior members of the delegation and i'm like some of the fellows that have been around here forever, like mr. markey and mr. frank and mr. dahunt, i had a relatively short time, eight years, to spend working with ted kennedy. i cherish every one ever those

Stephen F. Lynch

1:16:21 to 1:16:44( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: years. in addition to working with ted as a colleague, ted could -- he could get it d he could get it done. i was always amazed at that. but i also had a different perspective of ted kennedy. saw him in action before i came to this house. i grew up in the public housing

Stephen F. Lynch

1:16:45 to 1:17:07( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: projects in south boston. and i can you lived in the housing pro jects, or mission maine, or franklin field, if you grew if your family struggled to make ends meet in public housing, no one in public

Stephen F. Lynch

1:17:08 to 1:17:30( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: housing had a better champion, a more valiant and noble and that's really the first perspective that i had of ted kennedy as someone who was working for our benefit as a family growing up in public housing. and pretty tough circumstances. he was there for us.

Stephen F. Lynch

1:17:31 to 1:17:51( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: i also had a perspective of working as an years strapping on a pair of work boots. becoming a union president for the iron workers. and i ca perspective as well, whether you were an ironworker like i was workg in the bidding trades with a lot of my union brothers and sisters, or

Stephen F. Lynch

1:17:52 to 1:18:12( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: whether you worked on a factory floor or maybe you were a nurse going out every day working double shifts and overtime, or you are a policeman or fireman, no working person in this country had a more gallant champion to protect their rights and protect the knts on

Stephen F. Lynch

1:18:13 to 1:18:33( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: the job -- conditions on the job than we had in ted kennedy. and the outpouring of love that we saw during the memorial service and the wake and the funeral and even duringes illness, it reflected that collective experience of not

Stephen F. Lynch

1:18:34 to 1:18:54( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: only the people of massachusetts but of new england and the united states. and it was something to see. my mom raised us in housing and when the motorcade came along carson beach, in the shadow of the housin where we grew up, my mom and --

Stephen F. Lynch

1:18:55 to 1:19:17( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: insisted that i help her down there. she's not as young as she used to be. but i help her down there to give respect to the kennedy family and to ted during that last journey, last part of his journey. there's a saying from the iron workers, especially in the

Stephen F. Lynch

1:19:18 to 1:19:39( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: steel mills, that the strongest steel comes through the hottest fire. really when you look at ted's life and saw what he accomplished and the challenges that he had, his brother, president of the united states, taken in violence, his brother, the attorney general, candidate

Stephen F. Lynch

1:19:40 to 1:20:01( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: for the presidency, taken from us in the same way, the huge challenges to ted, they were unthinkable. unimaginable. yet he worked through it. not only did he overcome that

Stephen F. Lynch

1:20:02 to 1:20:23( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: but he also reached out to other people and shared a strength that he gathered from those experiences. i'l never forget, just nigh only -- just my only ted kennedy story i'll relate tonight, but i was a freshman -- very early in my career as state representative and we had

Stephen F. Lynch

1:20:24 to 1:20:45( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: six of our brave firefighters killed in a terrible fire in worcester, massachusetts, and we all went to the worcester centrum for that ceremony and the families were there and every seat was taken and every bit of space on taken, and the place was filled to the rafters. and that's where i was sitting. far above the flo

Stephen F. Lynch

1:20:46 to 1:21:08( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: bu i'll rember ted's remarks, here's a family that just -- six families that just lost their lov ones, and ted kennedy, you know you could have heard a pin drop in that centrum that day, he basically said to the family, i'll never forget his words, he said from my own experience, i haveound

Stephen F. Lynch

1:21:09 to 1:21:29( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: that every once in a while life breaks your heart. . even though there were thousands of people in that sent trum that day, in reality it was just ted and it was just those six families and he was helping them

Stephen F. Lynch

1:21:30 to 1:21:52( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: through that. and that's a gift. i mean, we l go to wakes and funerals and try to help families through tough times but i never saw anybody carry it off with the grace and the profound empathy and love that ted was able to accomplish.

Stephen F. Lynch

1:21:53 to 1:22:13( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: and i just want to say that i'm delighted that we had an opportunity tonight to say our thoughts and to share our concerns for d's family, patrick and the entire family, we know what they're going through. i think the test of all of us

Stephen F. Lynch

1:22:14 to 1:22:37( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: who were born on this earth, the true test of our time, however short it is on this earth, is wh we'ren this earth is going to live after us. and is it going to positively affect the people that we leave behind? and by any measure, by any test,

Stephen F. Lynch

1:22:38 to 1:22:50( Edit History Discussion )

Stephen F. Lynch: ted has passed that test with flying colors and he has left the power of his example for all of us to try to follow. i want to thank you, the dean of

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