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Spencer Bachus

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Spencer Bachus: i appreciate so much governor riley of alabama and the entire state of alabama in their dedication and their perseverance in getting the statue here and all the work that's gone into it. our alabama delegation here in the congress as well as our senators have taken part and we

Spencer Bachus

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Speech By: Spencer Bachus

Spencer Bachus

1:31:49 to 1:32:09( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: appreciate that so much. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california. mr. lungren: mr. speaker, i now yield to the gentleman, congressman bachus, the distinguished gentleman from alabama, such time as he may consume. the speake gentleman is recognized. mr. bachus: thank you. thank you, mr. speaker.

Spencer Bachus

1:32:10 to 1:32:30( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: the story of helen keller has enspired -- inspired generations of americans. it is especially meaningful for those of us in alabama because helen keller is one of our own. her statue will vividly remind us of a young girl from the rural south and how she overcame tremendous challenges to become a symbol of hopeand

Spencer Bachus

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Spencer Bachus: determination for people throughout the world. as my colleague, mr. lungren, described helen was not even 2 years old when illness left her unable to see or to hear. that would be dficult enough for a child and for a father and mother to deal with today

Spencer Bachus

1:32:53 to 1:33:13( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: with all our advantages. imagine how devastating it must have been for a family in the deep south during the 19 -- during the 1880's. some might have mistakenly assumed that helen or a child who was blind and deaf may not

Spencer Bachus

1:33:14 to 1:33:34( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: aspire to do anything more than to be cared for with compassion. but such is certainly not -- and is not the normal mindset of children with physical limitations. as many of us know they have the same aspirations and hopes and dreams as their fellow children or their other

Spencer Bachus

1:33:35 to 1:33:55( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: children or colleague. that certainly was not the case for helen. helen's parents also refused to accept limits on their child or on her life. just as helen, when she grew older they refused to be limited by her disabilities.

Spencer Bachus

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Spencer Bachus: they had a deep and strong faith that their daughter could be educated and live a full and rich life. and while helen could not yet express that she had the same determination, ultimately this would bring them in contact with ann sullivan and lead to the same which -- theme which

Spencer Bachus

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Spencer Bachus: is depicted by the new statue. that miraculous moment when helen keller, with water running over her hands, finally understood what a word meant. and that word was water. very few statues can tell such a moving story. this one does. but, of course, it is only the

Spencer Bachus

1:34:40 to 1:35:00( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: beginning of the story of helen keller and what she chose to use her life for. and that was to help others. as an educator, as an advocate, as a humanitarian, she showed that there's no obstacle that cannot be overcome. her life reminds us to cherish every member of our society

Spencer Bachus

1:35:01 to 1:35:23( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: because each person has unique gifts and blessings of god -- from god. the statue will be very popular, especially with children. it conveys the important message that whatever life challenges nothing should ever hold us back. we live in a country where you can overcome any obstacle and achieve your dreams if youork

Spencer Bachus

1:35:24 to 1:35:45( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: hard and possess the desire to succeed. there are many people involved with this project that the alabama delegation wishes to acknowledge. my colleague, parker griffith, has mentioned the governor and his wife. they were two of the guiding

Spencer Bachus

1:35:46 to 1:36:07( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: forces behind the statue that is a great gift from the state of alabama. governor, i hope you and the first lady look upon this as one of your proudest legacies. dr. joe bustus from the university of south alabama who was co-chair of the helen keller campaign and the c.e.o.

Spencer Bachus

1:36:08 to 1:36:29( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: of alabama power. dr. bob morris of the helen keller foundation. dr. morris devotes weeks of each year to restoring sight of children who have lost their sight and is actually a miracle worker today giving the gift of

Spencer Bachus

1:37:14 to 1:37:16( Edit History Discussion )

Spencer Bachus: alabama at our beautiful capitol.

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