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Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: if applicable. the speaker pro gentlewoman from california is recogniz for one hour. ms. matsui: for the purpose of debate only, i yield the customary 30 minutes to my good friend, the gentleman from texas, mr. sessions. all time yielded during consideration of the rule is for debate only. i yield myself such time as i may consume.

Doris O. Matsui

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Speech By: Doris O. Matsui

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: i also ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on house resolution 788. the speaker pro temp objection. ms. matsui: mr. speaker, house resolution 788 provides for consideration of the conference report for h.r. 3183, the energy and water development

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: appropriations act for 2010. the rule is a standard conference report rule. it waives all points of order against the conference report and against the consideration. it report shall be considered as read. however, i want to point out that although the rule waives all points of order, the conference report does not

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: violate either clause 9 or 10 of rule 21. the resolution provides for one hour of general debate controlled by the committee on appropriations. mr. speaker, i first want to thank chairman obey as well as mr. pastor for the work this conference report before the house today. when we think about the long-term health of our country,

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: the energy and waterer appropriations bill is one of the most important bills that we consider. the conference report before us today will keep communities safe from flooding, invest in renewable technologies, fight nuclear proliferation, and create jobs to infrastructure development. without this bill millions of

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: homes would be exposed to devastating floods. clean energy research that will power the next generation of money making technologies will stop. nuclear weapons proliferation would pick up again, and the pace of job creation in the clean energy sector would slow to a crawl or even stop altogether. these are the reasons why today's conference report is so

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: important. in the field of energy, the conference report fulfills congress' promise to chart a new path for national energy policy. .

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: start a clean energy development and perform basic scientific research. it devotes millions of dollars to solar energy development, advanced vehicle technologies, energy-efficient buildings and biofuels that can be grown right here at home. we create domestic jobs and also take steps towards becoming

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: energy independent. we recognize this fact in the energy and commerce committee when we wrote the american clean energy and security act which is why i'm cleezed to see these provisions part of today's conference report. this -- i'm pleased to see these provisions part of today's conference report.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: this is for potentially high rerd activities like fusion energy, biological research. future generations will look back at these investments and thank us for having the foresight to recognize that, one, generations long-term research is future generation's short-term gain. many of my colleagues will be

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: satisfied to know that the conference report also devotes resources to fossil fuel-based energy that can provide a boost to our energy independence efforts in relatively short order. $2 million is provided for -- $672 million is provided for

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: research and development including natural gas recovery and unconventional petroleum research actities. this research will benefit independent petroleum producers and could also help make our country more energy independent for the short term. also to that end, the conference report takes the responsible approach toward nuclear energy

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: by investing in fuel cycle research and development. by providing more than $700 million for nuclear energy,he conferees made the pragmatic calculation that nuclear lr part of our energy mix in the short term. but no matter how or electricity is generated, one challenge we

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: face is delivering it effectively to its destination. for this reason the conference report provides more than $100 million to modernize and security our national electricity grid. by tripling the amount of funding for grid connected energy storbling and cyberstorage the conferees have recognized how closely or energy

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: policy is tied to our national security. the energy portion of this conference report is only half the story though, mr. speaker. for my district and for people living in floodplains across the country, this energy and water conference report is a major victory. funding for the army corps of engineers is increased over both

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: 2009 levels and over the president's request for a total of $5.4 billion. for my constituents, this funding can be a matter of life and death. my district is where the sacranto and american rivers converge. as a result, sacramento is the most at-risk city for major flooding in the united states.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: more than 440,000 people, 110,000 structures, the capital of the state of california and also $58 billion are at risk from flooding in my district alone. nearly $9 million in this conference report will reinforce levees along the american and sacramento rivers to keep these national assets safe and dry.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: for all of sacramento this means safer homes, more secure schools, better protected community centers and a higher quality of life. according to the american societyof civil engineers, federal levees currently provide a 6-1 return on flood damage is prevented when compared to initial building costs.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: but the flood protection funding in this conference agreement is more than just dollars and cents, mr. speaker. when i go home and walk along the sacramento river and when i look at the houses and schools and parks that sit behind the levees, i'm reminded of how vital the energy and water bill is. in many parts of the country, it can mean the difference between

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: a thriving city and a disaster area. flood protection is a regional undertaking, though. floodwaters do not stop and start based on congressional district boundaries. that is why i'm pleased that the conference report contains more than $60 million to improve the ability of folsom dam to protect

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: my constituents who live below it. this money will also help the joint federal project to provide greater efficiency in managing flood storage in the reservoir. around the whole country, from sacramento to the mississippi river delta, from rural ohio to the bronx river basin, this conference agreement protects our communities by investing in

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: our aging infrastructure. and when we rebuild our infrastructure, we rebuild our economy. the infrastructure funding in this conference report before us today will continue this pattern of creating jobs while investing in public safety. for that reason i strongly support the rule and the underlying conference report, and i urge my colleagues to do

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: thsame. mr. speaker, again, i want to

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