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Betty Sue Sutton

0:54:05 to 0:54:20( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: i would like to yield four minutes to the gentlelady from california, mismatsui. soil the gentlelady is -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for four minutes. ms. matsui: this

Doris O. Matsui

0:54:20 to 0:54:34( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: misguided war has been characterized by gray areas, gray areas of policy, motivation, and legitimacy. one consequence of these gray areas has been the collapse of law and order in iraq. many

Doris O. Matsui

0:54:20 to 0:57:48( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Doris O. Matsui

Doris O. Matsui

0:54:34 to 0:54:49( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: military contractors, contractors paid by our government, contribute to the chaos there. mr. speaker, the iraq war is the first major conflict in which private contractors perform tasks typically

Doris O. Matsui

0:54:49 to 0:55:01( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: ypdone by uniformed military. employees from companies like blackwater provide security for military and political figures. they protect buildings. and rumors have swirled that they may soon guard military

Doris O. Matsui

0:55:01 to 0:55:19( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: convoys. mr. speaker, private contractorsc acting in military roles should be held to the same standard as our armed services. they should not have free rein to shoot, maim, and kill people

Doris O. Matsui

0:55:19 to 0:55:32( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: in the name of security. if they act illegally, they must be punished accordingly thus, mr. speaker, what law and order means. we cannot convince the world that we value peace and security if american

Doris O. Matsui

0:55:32 to 0:55:46( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: contractors are undermning it in iraq. it is hypocritical for us to ask iraqis to obey the rule of law when we do not demand the same from the contractors we are paying. like all of my colleagues,

Doris O. Matsui

0:55:46 to 0:56:03( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: i want our brave young men and women in iraq to be a safe -- as safe as they can. the legislation before us today will help restore the trust of the iraqi public and of the international

Doris O. Matsui

0:56:03 to 0:56:19( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: community. during world war ii only 5% of our in theater forces were private contractors. today we have just as many contractors in iraq as we do american soldiers. contractors who are not accountable

Doris O. Matsui

0:56:19 to 0:56:32( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: to the american people, but who are paid for by the american people. crimes committed by these contractors are the reason why this bill is so long overdue. it finally holds contractors accountable

Doris O. Matsui

0:56:32 to 0:56:44( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: for their actions, but the larger issue is that our men and women in uniform are overburdened. our military's in danger ofa collapsing understand the strain of a never ending war. this is one of the

Doris O. Matsui

0:56:44 to 0:56:56( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: many reasons why we must change course in iraq, and that, mr. speaker, is my objective. it is the objecobtive of a clear majority in the house and the will of the american people. we must

Doris O. Matsui

0:56:56 to 0:57:08( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: do everything we can to increase oversight of contractors. this legislation is a step in the right direction. i urge my colleagues to take this step today so that in the coming days we can finally

Doris O. Matsui

0:57:08 to 0:57:18( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: change our nation's course in iraq. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. hastings: thank you,y mr. speaker, i yield myself as mu ch

Doris O. Matsui

0:57:18 to 0:57:28( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. hastings: the reason that there were no republican amendments submitted to the rules committee because there was a clear, clear

Doris O. Matsui

0:57:28 to 0:57:48( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: understanding when the -- when the bill was passed out of the judiciary commi ttee that the issues an he concerns that were raised by the republicans would bepu addressed d in a bipartisan way and the

Doc Hastings

0:57:48 to 0:57:59( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: vehicle by which thihey would be addressed was a manage's amendment, which is a normal -- normal process when you bring bills to the floor. . by the time that the manager's amendment was drafted

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