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Charles B. Rangel

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Speech By: Charles B. Rangel
Bill: H.R. 1575

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: had it not been for barny frank and people on the other side of the of aisle trying to do the best we es can we leave here with having conscience that if we do nothing then the sacrifice will be felt by,

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: employees their thrift accounts, their --- thrift accounts, their savings accounts, the small businesses. in a sense we have a political gun at our heads we can't afford to say we know better so most of us have agreed

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: Secretary Paulson and economists have given us fair f warning. now, that's enough. and it's complicated enough. but then we have had the threat of tax bills that expire at the end of the year

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: floor. members pursuing conversations will remove their conversations from the floor. the gentleman from new york. mr. rangel: than k you, madam speaker. the bill has been disaster di relief and

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: all o f us believe these people should get it. ment health parity, which god knows all of us that have any sensitivity, recognize r that this inequity has to be taken care of. and, of course,

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: companies that es have relied on tax credits, individuals who relied on it expire. And four times we sent energy bills to the other body, and four times they've ignored it.

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: the alternative minimum tax that no member in this house or the otisher body can ever explain to taxpayerser why this over $60 billion burden should fall on their shoulders because the congress

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: these bills course, has always been -- the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is correct. members and staff in the rear of the chamber will remove their conversations from the floor

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: didn't think fdnar enough ahead in order to adjust this tax a for inflatn. and so in a sense,, madam speaker, we're being told that the burden would fall on 25 on million people by the senate,

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: by our constituents and the country and the entire world, by the administration if we don't have the $700 billion rescue bill. and i just hope and pray that sometime historically we might

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: be able to reg ain the power that we used to have in the house, introduce bills, have hearings, and fully understandd what we're doing rather than n having to yield to the threatel of

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: dis aster whether it's fiscal or whether it's taxs so i reserve the balance of my o time, madam speaker, badut i see john tanner walking on the floor, and i do want to

0:08:39 to 0:08:54( Edit History Discussion )

say that he's an outstanding member of our committee. he's been talking about the deficit for a long time of and his contribution to this package, i like to point out, has made him a proud member

0:08:54 to 0:09:06( Edit History Discussion )

of our committee and to congress. c i yield back -- i yield to myself the balance of the time. the speaker pro tempore: and the gentleman reserves his time. the gentleman from louisianama.

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mr. mccrery: madam speaker, i yield myself so much time as ias might consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from l ouisiana is re cognized. mr. mccrery: madam speaker, a little

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over 20 years ago i made my first speech on t fhe floor of the house of representative es. today could very well be my last speech on the floor of the house. i hope it's not. i hope we come back

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in a lame-duck session tome consider pending trade legislation. but this could be my last s peech. ec and i ha d a speech prepared, madam speaker. but unfortunately we only have we 15 minutes

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o15f time the ways and means controls and i have many ny more speakers than i have time. so with the speaker'sak indulgence, i will sublgmit my remarks to the record and yield three minutes

0:09:51 to 0:10:05( Edit History Discussion )

to the distinguished minority m whip, mr. blun t. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from misgesouri is recognized for three minutes. e mr. blunt: i thank the gentleman for yielding,

0:10:05 to 0:10:18( Edit History Discussion )

mamadam speaker. i'm glad we're here today.da i believe the bill has improved bi and the situation has -- ison clarified for monday. we need to come together. to we need to get this worked o gn. it's

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