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House Proceeding 10-06-09 on Oct 6th, 2009 :: 1:38:40 to 1:43:15
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Paul Hodes

1:38:36 to 1:38:56( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: celt the lines in the -- we set the lines in the sand don't compromise with the insurance industry and the drug insurance industry, but there can come together, mr. hodes. mr. hodes: i want to speak to the importance of finding common ground if we can find it.

Paul Hodes

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Speech By: Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes

1:38:57 to 1:39:18( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: because health care is not a partisan issue, as far as i'm concerned, and i think most of us are concerned. democrats need doctors and hospitals, republicans need doctors and hospitals, independents need doctors and hospitals. we are all in th health care system together. i would hope that my colleagues on the other side can begin to

Paul Hodes

1:39:19 to 1:39:40( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: put aside the name calling and characterized so much of the debate and speak directly to the real needs of the american people for a system that delivers stability and security, that delivers real choice in health care, that keeps the good that we have in the system, because we have

Paul Hodes

1:39:41 to 1:40:01( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: terrific hospitals and terrific doctors who are laboring u real impediments to delivering high quality care. if you think about what the typical doctor has to go through to fill out the forms for the insurance companies and the stories that i've heard from my physicians in new

Paul Hodes

1:40:02 to 1:40:22( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: hampshires abo the advocacy and fighting th do just to deliver basic health of all the forms and the paperwork and bureaucracy and administrative costs that go into it, you begin to get a picture of why costs up so high and what we have to do for our doctors to help them

Paul Hodes

1:40:23 to 1:40:43( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: deliver better care. one of the things we haven't talked about in the bill is an important investment in cost saving measures like medical information technology. currently, many of our doctors, most of our doctors and paper records. they are dealing with paper

Paul Hodes

1:40:44 to 1:41:07( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: records and there is not a coordination of records. it has led t care than we could have and what we are going to do in this bill is make significant investments in information technology that help all our doctors and our hospitals deliver better care. now, my mom is 83 years old.

Paul Hodes

1:41:08 to 1:41:29( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: talked to her, she was up to about six different doctors for her various needs and ailments. as far as i can tell, she has to w carrying her records and her x-rays and her pills in bags under her arm trying to tell one doctor what the other doctor said or did and you can

Paul Hodes

1:41:30 to 1:41:50( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: see in there the kind of problems that are -- that our current system has. we have the ability to make an technology which is going to deliver beer care for everybody. it's an important part of the bill and it's one of the things that has to happen to bring our system into the 21st century.

Paul Hodes

1:41:51 to 1:42:11( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: we're going to protect privacy, we're going to preserve patient confidentiality, but we are going to make the necessary investments to bring the medical records technology into a place where we reduce medical errors, which recuses costs for everybody -- reduces costs for everybody and improves th quality of care throughout our system.

Paul Hodes

1:42:12 to 1:42:33( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: it's a very important component of this bill and i can't begin to think that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would object to making that kind of investment because in the end, when we invest in health care reform and health insurance reform, two different things, by the way, when we invest in health care reform

Paul Hodes

1:42:34 to 1:42:55( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: and health insurance reform, we save billions and billions and billions of dollars over time because the system as it is is unsustainable, they're investments we have to make to make sure our economy thrives and that we deliver choice, we quality, and we put the

Paul Hodes

1:42:56 to 1:43:16( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Hodes: american people in control of their own health care with a stable and secure system that means they can't get thrown off their insurance, they'll have access to the medical care they need when they need it, it'll be portable and affordable and those are the hallmarks of a system that will help this country's economy thrive and i

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