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Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: chairman of the judiciary committee, mr. john conyers, and also congressman jim mcdermott of the ways and means committee who is also a physician. both with today and i want to invite both of them to offer some remarks as we get started on the progressive message

Jim McDermott

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Speech By: Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

1:15:48 to 1:16:09( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: today, focusing on health care reform, patients before profit. so, dr. what are your thoughts? mr. dermott: it's a pleasure to see you down here and i wanted to come help because we had an experience in the caucus the other day, we we talking

Jim McDermott

1:16:10 to 1:16:31( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: about health care and one of the things that is very clear in this country is that the medical industrial complex really doesn't want to change. they want things to be pretty much as they are. they'd be glad to take additional money to cover people but th private sector.

Jim McDermott

1:16:32 to 1:16:52( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: they want to, just, let's keep grinding out the profits the way they're going, never mind what happens to the patients. and this effort that's being made in the house and, i hope we'll have a bill out here in about 10 days or so, is an effort to make sure that what you just suggested happens. that is that everybody in this

Jim McDermott

1:16:53 to 1:17:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: co adequate, that takes care of the needs they have no matter how what they look like, no matter where they live. they should have the same kind of health care in this country no matter wt their circumstances are. and i told the story, i said that one of the things that people tell me is, well,

Jim McDermott

1:17:14 to 1:17:34( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: everybody in this country gets health care, what are you talking about? well, i said to my colleague, when he said that to me, you know, the difference between members of congress and ordinary folks in the society is, we live they do. if you call up and say this is

Jim McDermott

1:17:35 to 1:17:55( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: it dr. -- this is congressman mcdermott, i have a pain in my come into the office tomorrow morning. now, everybody else in this society goes through this little drill. when you call the doctor's office, you say, i have a pain in my stomach and they first -- and the first question is, what

Jim McDermott

1:17:56 to 1:18:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: kind of insurance do you have? now, if you have private insurance, you'll be in the office tomorrow rning. if you have medicare, well, some doctors don't take medicare. so it may be a week before you get taken care of. god forbid you should have medicaid.

Jim McDermott

1:18:18 to 1:18:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: you will never be taken care of or it will be a month or a month and a half and if you don't have health insurance, they have an offer for you. if you come in and pay $25 or $30 up front, we'll have an appointment for you in two weeks. now, people say, that isn't true.

Jim McDermott

1:18:39 to 1:18:59( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: well, let me tell you, there's very well documented studies where they put phones sitting right next to each other, they would call t same doctor's office and give the same story about a pain in their stomach and find out wha the relationship was between what kind of insurance they had and when they got seen. now, it shouldn't be that way in

Jim McDermott

1:19:00 to 1:19:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: this country. if you're sick and you've got pain in your stomach, you ought doctor. and what clearly happens in that case, for those people that have to wait two weeks or a month or whatever, they go along with that pain in their stomach waiting for their appointment, waiting for their appointment,

Jim McDermott

1:19:22 to 1:19:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: when they can't stand it, they go in the emergency rm. and that's why emergency rooms are flooded with things that ought to be seen in a doctor's office but people can't find a way to -- they can't find a doctor that will accept them. i told this story to one of my colleag colleagues came up to me and said, you know what?

Jim McDermott

1:19:44 to 1:20:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: you're absolutely route. he said, i just had my -- you're absolutely right. he said, i just had my knee replaced and the daughter and -- and the doctor and i were talking about how he was going to get paid and he said, you're perfect, you've got private cross/blue shield in the

Jim McDermott

1:20:05 to 1:20:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: congress. that's good, that pays for it. my friend said, what if i had medicare? he said, i would have said, why don't you wait a couple of months or weeks until i have a spot for you? if i had medicaid, he said, i would never see you.

Jim McDermott

1:20:26 to 1:20:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: patients for knee replacements. so, there is rationing in this society today and it depends on what kind of plastic you have in your pocket. now, to simply pass out more plastic cars in the -- cards in the insurance industry today will not work and that's why we

Jim McDermott

1:20:48 to 1:21:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: have to have a good public option. mr. ellison: that's right. mr. mcdermott: we have to have an option like -- that functions the same as it does if you have a private insurance card. if you meet a canadian sometime, you live in minnesota, i live in washington, ask a canadian to

Jim McDermott

1:21:09 to 1:21:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: show you th care card. in ontario they're orange. in new brunswick they're blue-green. in quebec they're kind of a greenish color. they have a card no matter where they go in the -- in the province or in fact in canada, they-hand in that card and they t taken care of.

Jim McDermott

1:21:31 to 1:21:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: that's what ought to happen in this country. and the public option is the onlyay we're going to get people o don't have health insurance today to access the health care system and actually have an opportunity to see a doctor. now, it's clear that the president has said not only does

Jim McDermott

1:21:52 to 1:22:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: he want to have access but he wants to have a plan that controls costs and the fight now in here is the fight between giving people access, it's go money in some ways, although there's lots of money to be saved in the present system, but the providers and the drug

Jim McDermott

1:22:13 to 1:22:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: companies and the insurance companies and all the other people who are involved in the medical industrial complex don't want to have anybody put any control on their costs. and that's what the fight is going on right now as this bill comes to the floor. i think that john conyers has

Jim McDermott

1:22:34 to 1:22:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: worked as long as i have trying to get what we know would be the best system which is single payer system. the president said, no, we're not going tooth that -- to go that route, we're going to go a different route, so we're helping him to get there. it's not the perfect system but it will get people the access and the cost control that's

Jim McDermott

1:22:55 to 1:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: necessary and i listend to the gentleman from minnesota telling us the story about this clinic that's in that bill. i do believe that bill has been out on the floor, it's been u on the website, anybody who can read could have read it in the last 30 days. in the last 60 days.

Jim McDermott

1:23:17 to 1:23:34( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: and there are no such clinics in that bill. mr. ellison: will the gentleman yield? either one of the gentlemen? are there death panels? i yield back. are t mr. mcdermott: absolutely not. el l will the gentleman yield? -- mr. ellison: will the gentleman yield?

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