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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: need -- benefactors of those who are in need around the world. it's important for our banks to listen, they were bailed out, they better listen to the american people. i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: mr.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: burton from indiana? without objection. mr. burton: i appreciate what my colleague just said about the banks and one of the things we ought to focus in addition to that, we are not ener dependent and not allowed to drill in alaska or do other exploration for a number of reasons, not the least of which

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: which is quote, unquote, environmental. at the same time, we won't allow offshore drilling here. we just gave brazil $2 milion so they can drill off their shores. it doesn't make any sense to me. we ought to spending that money here at home exploring for oil

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: to move toward energy independence. could just go get it and we can do it in an environmentally safe way. the reason i bring that up is because one of the big problems we face is we get 35% to 40% of our oil from the middle east. and one of the big problems facing the united states and the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: world right now is iran. iran has been developing a nuclear program, a nuclear weapons program for some time. and our position in the united states now under the new administration is to try to work with them to talk with them to stop them with their nuclear development program and if they don't, we are going to try to get a sanctions bill passed.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: we have a bill responsed by mr. berman that has over 300 co-sponsors. i happen to be one of them. and we believe we ought to bring that bill to the floor as quickly as possible to put pressure on iran to stop the development of the nuclear weapons program. but the administration, i think, has suggested we should wait. they were trying to bring china

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and russia on board and china and russia are not going to be on board. so we should do it by ourselves and do it ex pe dishously. and let me tell you why i think if iran continues t down this path, israel, whom they said they want to destroy, will have no choice but to defend itself.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: they cannot let iran develop a nuclear bomb and a delivery system. if they do that, they will be able to destroy israel and millions of jews in israel in a very short period of time. it will be another holocaust. what w if they get too far down the path a we don't put pressure on them to stop, i believe israel

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: will have no choice but to attack iran. if they attack iran, that could end up in being a major conflict in the entire persian gulf area. why is that important to us? we get 35% to 40% of our energy. if that goes up in smoke, we will lose 35% to 40% of the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: energy we have in this country becaus we aren't energy independent. the lights that we have, the gasoline to fuel our cars, everything that needs energy will suffer and we will have severe economic problems if this problem isn't dealt with before a tragedy occurs over there. this really bothers me. we tried to work with north

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: korea some time ago during the clinton administration. we even had an agreement with them that they would stop their nuclear development program if we gave them some things, and we did. and what they did, they lied. and they went ahead with their program, nuclear power and using missiles that would be intercontinental in scope

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: testing them over the sea of japan right now. so we have to worry about that. we have to worry about north korea and what they're going to do next. can you imagine what it would be like once iran develops a nuclear weapons program. they are committed to destroying israel. they are committed to forcing their view of religion and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: religious beliefs on much of the rest of the world and it could be they don't like america very much either. we have a myriad of problems facing us if we don't put as much pressure as possible on iran and doing it right now. as we speak, they are developing their nuclear weapons program.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: they said they're going to let u.n. nuclear experts come in and police the area and see what they're doing. i don't believe that. i believe they'll let us see one or two spots but will go on with their nuclear development program. we must put pressure on them now and put pressure on them immediately because if we don't, we are toying with a major

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: problem, a major economic problem for america as well as a

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