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House Proceeding 10-15-09 on Oct 15th, 2009 :: 0:13:10 to 0:20:10
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Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: spirit. it invests in critical government efforts designed to keep the american people safe. i strongly suort the proposed agreement and urge my colleagues to of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky. > thank you, madam speaker.

Harold Rogers

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Speech By: Harold Rogers

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. > let me begin by sincerely thanking chairman price for his partnership during this 2010 appropriations cycle. through the transition in

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: administrations, the very late submission of the 2010 budget request and the trunk ated appropriations process, he has been fair and respectful and has been willing to listen to our concerns and accommodate them where possible and so i want to

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: thank the chairman for his friendship and his ability to work with everyone to write the best possible bill. this subcommittee, madam speaker, since its inception in 1993, has a long standing tradition of bipartisanship, a

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: traditionhat stands in stark contrast, i might add, to the exclusionary tactics of the house's democrat leadership that tramps the right of minority during floor consideration of the bill. but in spite of some of that partisan mischief i'm truly grateful for chairman price's

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: efforts to maintain the long standing comity that has defined this chamber's appropriation process as well as chairman obey's work to move this bill toward completion. so i'm thankful that we were able to hammer out an agreement in conference for the most part.

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: after all the safety and security of our nation's citizens should be the number one priority of the congress. this urgency is undersc the recent terrorism cases being investigated in colorado, new york, texas, illinois and north carolina as well as the

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: persistent acts of terrorism and violence by radical extremists overseas. what this terrorist activit tells me is that real security demands persistent commitment. eight years after 9/1 and six years after the department was

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: created we must remain vigilant in addressing every threat and every vulnerability. i'm pleased to see the conference report is wiing to honor that commitment by properly resourcing our homeland security needs. while i can't say that i agree

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: with everything in the conference report, i think it represents a fairly reasonable compromise on most of our homeland security priorities. however, there is a notable provision that i must respectfully take issue with that th

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: to, section 552 of this conference report permits the terrorists detained at guantanamo bay to be brought to the u.s. for purposes of prosecution. since the president announced the decision to close guantanamo some nine months ago we've seen

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: nothing, madam speaker, no plan, i congress, this subcommittee, this committee, no plan, no idea of how to dispose of the detainees remaini legal rationale for the

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: prosecution sentencing and -- prosecution, sentencing and i terrorists forever. instead, those detainees who posed a minimal security threat have been shuttled off to other foreign countries by way of -- otr countries leaving hundreds of suspected terrorists potentially bound for american soil.

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: becau no one else in the world will let them be brought to their apparently we've tried to no oi-- avisa i -- avail. so i for one see no reason why we should afford enemy combatants who have been caught on the battlefield battling

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: american soldiers to allow them the same constitutional rights as american citizens or the same due process even as criminal defendants in the civilian courts of the u.s. and i see no reason why these terrorists can't be brought to justice right where they are in

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: cuba before military tribunals. as we have in the past there. in fact, tribunals work. we've completed three tribunals and convicted and sentenced terrorists right there in gitmo. and it's clear that the majority of members in this chamber and

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: in the senate agree with this point of view, given the clear passage of the motion to instruct the other day, two weeks ago, in this body, and the senate's near unanimous adoption of a total prohibition of detainee transfers to this country with the passage of their defense appropriations

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: bill just last week. both bodies have spoken by huge majorities, keep these detainees off sacred american soil. this is a critical issue. that i think we must get right. so i'm disappointed that the conferees did not follow the convincing and bipartisan votes

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: that both chambers have taken over the past few weeks and deny these terrorists access to the united states. now, having said all that and in site of my opposition to the section on the gitmo detainees, i believe the base of this

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: conferencegreement will go indeed along -- a long way toward the protection of our great country. i once again thank chairman

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