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George Miller

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George Miller: we need jobs. we need economic activity. turn those pumps on. turn this rule down. i yield ba my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california. ms. matsui: mada yield four minutes to the gentleman from california, the sponsor of this legisla mr. miller. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized.

George Miller

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Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

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George Miller: mr. miller: madam speaker, i rise in strong support of the rule and the underlying legislation. i want to thank ms. matsui and ms. slaughter and the entire rules committee for their support. today's bill sponds to request for assistance from the state of california local water managers to expand thsupply of water in our drought-stricken state. it does no more than that. it is good for our economy.

George Miller

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George Miller: this bill will create thousands of jobs. it will help reduce the stress on our freshwater system. this bill expands the water supply of 50 bay area communities. this bill authorizes water recycling through the successful bureau of reclamation title 16 program. title 16 allows local wate managers to use the clean

George Miller

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George Miller: recycled water for other purposes within their jurisdiction. this bill would add 7.2 gallons of water per day, enough water to the needs of 24,000 -- 24,000 households. my bill is one of a series of water recycling bills that's been app year.

George Miller

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George Miller: in recent years to expand the water supply and republican and democratic districts alike throughout the south and southwest. they have been passed without debate on the california water policy needs. this bill passed by voice vote an overwhelming majority -- five bills to provide for this recycling and this reuse.

George Miller

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George Miller: why is th because across the state of california, across the state of california the water users in that state recognize the extent to which we can recycle and reuse water. we take the immediate pressure off of the entire california water system, both the federal system and the state system. his is an investment in which

George Miller

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George Miller: there is unanimity that must be made. when you talk about doing this you are talking about helping the central valley because you release the pressure. you are talking about helping the delta. clearly the cities, the water agencies in southern california believe this is important to their future. that's why the cities that put up the money to match the federal effort, that's why my

George Miller

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George Miller: colleagues from both sides of the aisle have come forward and asked for this legislation. that's why they've been approved overwhelmingly on a unanimous bipartisan basis because they're critical to the long-term water needs. you cannot help the central valley if you cannot relieve the stress on an oversubscribed system.

George Miller

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George Miller: it's just that fact. the pumps have been on, the pumps have been on for months. you devastate the san francisco bay area. we already lost tens of thousands of jobs from the fisheries, from the gas business, from the loss of the salmon runnery all the way up to the washington border. and those jobs have been impacted. this is not a good situation.

George Miller

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George Miller: that's why i said when i said i haven't lost many losses that i supported comng to this -- the point was to check your guns at the door and see if we could work together. and this has an agreement. this has unanimous agreement of the water agencies across the state that this is helpful. this will make a difference. and that's why they've supported all these projects. and we could start to work

George Miller

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George Miller: together. water agencies today down at the department of interior trying to see if we can get things done that the last administration prohibited the bureau of reclamation doing screens enterin we think would save 250,000 acre-feet of water. but thed a last administration would not let the bureau of

George Miller

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George Miller: reclamation take those projects even though they would be paid for by state funds. that's the importance of this leslation. this is about whether or not we as a state come together from the oregon border to the mexic problem across all of our -- all of our -- al which is agriculture, which is

George Miller

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George Miller: business, which is municipal potential to do that. and that's -- and these pieces of legislation are critical. and that's why up until now the house decided on a joint bipartisan basis that we would get these bills as fast as we can to the senate and hopefully get action and get this project under way because the cities

George Miller

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George Miller: have already put up the money, the engineering is done, the projects are clear. that's why many of them were eligible for stimulus money because they're ready to go, they've been waiting to go.

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