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House Proceeding 10-15-09 on Oct 15th, 2009 :: 0:35:25 to 0:40:00
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Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: not a single amendment would be al open rule. with that i reserve my time. mr. diaz-balart: mr. speaker, -- the speaker pro tempore: the chair will remind all persons in the gallery they are here as guests of the house and any manifestation of approval or disapproval of proceedings or other audible

Doc Hastings

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Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: violation of the rules of the house. the gentleman from florida. mr. diaz-balart: mr. speaker, it's my pleasur minutes tmy friend from washington, mr. hastings. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise to strongly oppose this rule. as a former member of the rules committee and currently as the ranking member of the house natural resources committee, i

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: want to address several arguments that have been made that tries to justify blocking amendments to provide relief for tens of thousands of suffering people, suffering economic disaster in the san joaquin valley as a result of a manmade and government enforced drought. first, i want to specifically

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: dispel the notion that allowing the house to vote on relief to these suffering communities wasn't amendments were nongermane. mr. speaker, it is entirely within the power of the house rules committee to allow debate on any amendment that it wishes and conversely to shut down

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: debate on any amendment not want to see discussed on the house floor. the rules committee does, can and regularly does waive the germaneness rule. it simply refused to do so on this matter because the democrat leadership of this house doesn't wish to have this matter, this matter of the manmade drought in

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the san joaquin valley, debated or discussed on the house floor. any notion, any notion, mr. speaker, that they couldn't allow these amendments even 10 nutes of debate time followed by a vote is simply not true. so let's be clear about what we are debating here. the underlying bill relates to federal water recycling projects

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: in the san francisco bay area of california. the amendments not made in order relate to f and a man made drought in the san joaquin valley in califoia. this is hardly a case of mixing apples and/or rangs. the truth is that the democrat

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: controlled rules committee chose to hand a shiny red apple to the san francisco bay area and given a giant raspberry to the people in the san joaquin valley. the other argument i wish to address and dispel is the drought in california is an issue only for those in california to resolve. mr. speaker, if this house can

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: debate and vote on a bil to provide millions of taxpayer dollars, federal taxpayer dollars for water projects in the san francisco bay area, then this house can certainly debate and vote on providing relief to farmers and farm workers that are denied federal water by federal lawsuits and federal policies, again in the san

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: joaquin valley of california. this isn't a case of having your cake and eat it, too. it's a matter of water for san francisco and none for the san joaquin valley. lastly, to the argument that this is a california issue for california to resolve, i will note that the votes in the rules committee to block the amendments from being heard were

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: by a margin of six no and five yes. all four republicans voted to allow the amendments to be heard on the floor as did mr. cardoza from california, a democrat. but not one single one of mr. cardoza's democrat colleagues joined him. we were told this is a

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: california matter. yet relief for the san joaquin valley is denied because of the votes of democrats on the rules committee from new york, massachusetts, florida, maine, and colorado. who all voted no to block discussion of these amendments on the house floor.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the arguments of germaneness and it's a california only matter are simply excuses for being used to try to hide the fact that the democrat leaders who control this house don't want to allow a vote on solutions and provide relief to the tens of thousands of people the san joaquin valley.

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