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George Miller

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George Miller: have to stand up and reluctantly oppose this bill for the many reasons i said in my previous remarks. and with that i'll yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. miller: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume.

George Miller

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Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

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George Miller: first of all, i wanted to begin by thanking chairwoman napolitano and chairman rahall, the chairman of the full committee and chairwoman napolitano of the ubcommittee on water and power for their support of this legislation for supporting the expansion of water supplies in drought-stricken regions of our country. at the end of the day after all of the debate, this is legislation to provide for water reuse and recycling.

George Miller

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George Miller: water reuse and recycling is desperately need in our state of california. this is a policy that's supported throughout the entire state, including the valley, but throughout southern california and northern california. every part of the state understands the extent to we can continue to create new supplies of water through use

George Miller

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George Miller: and reuse of cycling. people said i was here added a lot more people to the state of california since the last drought. we didn't do much about water policy since that time. but now we put together a coalition for people that battleover the years,

George Miller

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George Miller: metropolitan water distri contracosta water district, the central valley, why are they coming together? because they recognize how valuable reuse and recycling will be in the state of california going forward to meet the needs of its growing economy, of its diverse economy, of the importance of agriculture, of the importance of bringing new businesses to california, of developing and

George Miller

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George Miller: making sure we have clean water available for high technology throughout the states. that's why this bill, this policy speaks. it speaks to so many areas of the state. it speaks -- this policy speaks to orange county and san diego county and l.a. county and riverside county and contra

George Miller

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George Miller: costa county, and monterrey county, why? because it's important that we take the pressure off a system that's overdescribed, not just in drought years - oversubscribed not just in drought years but every year. now, my colleagues have suggested that somehow this is a bill in which we should

George Miller

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George Miller: settle california water issues. i find it rather interesting in february of last year when we passed the south orange county recycle and water plant for mr. calvert, there was no discussion of this. there was no discussion of amendments. there was no suggestion that this was high on on california water. when we passed the lake hodges surface ter improvement act

George Miller

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George Miller: in april for mr. bilbray, no discussion of amendments. no need to settle these issues here. they never asked for time. they never asked for a they didn't ask for a vote. they did it unanimously and by voice vote. the water district for mr. chaffetz in utah, no di that we should take the utah bill and battle it out over

George Miller

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George Miller: california water. no suggestion that somehow we were going to do something other than that. in september, just a month ago, with mr. gallegly, fo water district, no suggestion of this. no request for no debate in the committee on this.

George Miller

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George Miller: and then again last month, mr. walden from oregon, no suggestion we're going to take theregon bill and settle the california issue. why? because we know what's going on in california. we have a very difficult complex problem. the legislation, our state legislature has been struggling for it for two years. they are in special session right now.

George Miller

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George Miller: know if they have the votes or not to do that. but people are getting together to try to solve it. when this new administration came in -- because i don't remember you asking for this in the first year of the drought or the second year of the year of the drought. bu what, 10 months and somehow it's his problem.

George Miller

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George Miller: w come to town and did have a secre have a secretary of commerce, they immed attention on this problem. and what did they do? they met with the cross-section of our delegation to see how they could bring the department of commerce, the department of interior together, the bureau of r wildlife service.

George Miller

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George Miller: they sent millions of dollars to the valey to try to get relief to farmers and they supported our efforts. i supported the efforts to change the law that i wrote 10 can have east to west in the valley. that's people working together. that's not people just standing back and sniping bills they come through and pretend they

George Miller

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George Miller: want to make policy or they want to change policy. that's just political sniping. but it's something they chose not to snipe on any republican bill. they just decided they would snipe on this bill. but at the end of the day, at the end of the day this legislation is about whether or the future, whether or not we can continue to have economic

George Miller

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George Miller: growth, whether or not we can use the technology that's now available to us, to provide for recycling, to provide for reuse of water. water for 24,000 households. that's not counting the

George Miller

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George Miller: legi for southern california, for orange county, for sbernsbern, and the projects -- for bernardino and the projects. there is a $600 billion backlog because the last administration wouldn't release any money. we would have loved to have the attention, we would have loved

George Miller

0:54:19 to 0:54:40( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: to have the attention of the bush administration, the secretary of interior to help solve this problem. what did they do? what did he do? they let some undersecretary wander around changing the science so we lost almost 18 months. and we had to go back to redo al of the science because they changed it and they got caught at it. criminal charges were pending

George Miller

0:54:41 to 0:55:02( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: at one point. so what are we talking about here? the suggestion that somehow this all comes together around this bill is to forget history, to forget the inattention to this problem we dealt wofere the last eig years and to suggest that something that this can all be settled here. what this bill can do is make a

George Miller

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George Miller: major contribution to releaving the urban pressure on the system by creating this and recycling of water. and that's what my colleagues -- projects on the other side of the a were contributing. this is one piece. we hope it fwrose. we hope it becomes more

George Miller

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George Miller: valuable. it's bipartisan and has been from the very beginning. when i asked for stimulus money to go to recycling, i asked the administration, i said, do it on the basis of the priorities. do it as they're standing in line. some cities have been waiting a long time for this. they may be further a just let them come as they come up in line. this isn't partisan. this is about whether or not

George Miller

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George Miller: people want to solve problems. you want to make pol points? all well and good, but the circumstances won't change, the circumstances won't change across our state. i urge all my colleagues to support this legislation, and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. all time for debate has

George Miller

0:56:07 to 0:56:20( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: expired. pursuant to the house resolution 830, the previous question is oered on the bi the question is on engrossment and third reading of the bill. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. third reading.

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