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House Proceeding 10-15-09 on Oct 15th, 2009 :: 0:43:30 to 0:47:30
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Anthony D. Weiner

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Speech By: Anthony D. Weiner

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: mr. weinerf new york. mr. weiner: thank you very much, mr. speaker. it is my pleasure again to come to the floor to talk about the issue that is capturing all the nationa attention of this body, and that is our pursuit of affordable health care for all americans. there's been a lot of discussion about the so-called public option, the choice people would have when they're

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: searching for insurance when they don't have it, the idea being that if you have a public alternative, an option that doesn't rely on profits or high everhead that consumers would have they don't have insurance through their employer. it's interesting because this week we got an enormous boost, those of us who care, about

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: having a public option, and it came from the health insurance lobby. in a rare moment of candor and telling us exactly whatt is they're going to do, they told us something that should come as no surprise to anyone who has health insurance, they said they're going to keep raising rates. they said we could pass

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: whatever we want , but they'll keep raising rates by their calculation 111%. on one hand, i'm stunned they told the truth. but on the other hand, i'm not surprised. the idea that they're going to keep doing it is not a surprise. the fact that they were so honest about making it very

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: clear that we need competition for the health insurance companies is refreshing. private insurance companies have said, you know what, if you don't have competition for us, rates are going to keep going up. the public option, by the way, is not a mysterious thing. a lot of my colleague here's in the house of representatives

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: have it. yeah. they have medicare. and i checked, not a single one of them that's elible for the gornment public plan we have today has said no. maybe it's because they're like the country that says you know what, 96% of people say they like medicare. they like the care they get. it's only got 3.5% overhead,

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: not the 33% overhead in private companies. they like it. yet they don't want you to have it. they don't want you to have the plan that they have, that so many members of congress who are 65 or older say, uh-uh, you can't have fit you're 55, or 45, or 35. it's only for us. that's not true.

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: it's for every american who turns 65. it's a government-funded, single payer, government-funded health care plan. 96% of people on health care say they like it. you can do the following test. knock on the door or go to a dine whore looks like they're 5, ask them, would you like if

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: tomorrow, you got medicare. watch their face light up. i know i would like to have a program like medicare for all americans. all that's being proposed in the public option is that people who don't have insurance through their work, people that don't have insurance through medicare or medicaid, that's relatively small group of people, 10% oso of the

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: country, when they go out and shop for insurance, with the subsidies we're going to give them, one of the options is not the insurance companies that said in this report they're going to raise rates 111%. that's it. that's what the big bookie man is all about. - the big boogey man is all

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: about. this is the $2.6 trillion we spend on health care every year. $2.6 trillion. do you think we can do better for $2.6 trillion? we're getting such a great bargain? let's take a look at this these boxes here, medicare, medicaid,

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