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Diane E. Watson

1:11:22 to 1:11:44( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: watson, who is always there for the american people. we are going to talk health care tonight. and i'm going to yield to the gentlelady to make a few floukt other remarks and maybe she and i could have colloquy as we move on in the evening.

Diane E. Watson

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Speech By: Diane E. Watson

Diane E. Watson

1:11:45 to 1:12:10( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: . ms. watson: thank you, congressman ellison, for yielding to me. you are doing a wonderful job. i watch you every evening as you take the mic on the floor of the house to explain to the american public what a benefit health care reform is to all america. i want t

Diane E. Watson

1:12:11 to 1:12:33( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: amerans, and we say to them, we are presenting to you a reform of health care as you have known it in the past because in my own state of california, you have insurance, your fees are going to go up somewhere around $1,800 for a

Diane E. Watson

1:12:34 to 1:12:55( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: family of four annually. people are going without coverage because they cannot afford it. we had an outside assembly, outside blessed sacrament in hollywood, several weeks ago and there was a man who came up with a heavy spanish accent and

Diane E. Watson

1:12:56 to 1:13:16( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: he said, i am an american. i work four jobs. my 2-year-old daughter got sick. i could not even afford health insurance and she eventually died. what we're presenting to the public, and i do hope that our

Diane E. Watson

1:13:17 to 1:13:39( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: house bill 3200, will be recognized as a way to help reform health care, because what we want to do is bring to you in your own community accessible health care. we want it to be affordable. we want it to cover pre-existing conditions.

Diane E. Watson

1:13:40 to 1:14:04( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and we want to say to you if you get sick and and that's happening very frequently with h1n1, people are get sick leave, it could you, even if you don't have a job, you will be covered.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: we are now just around the edges of a reform. we're going to get because it's the right thing to do, mr. eliot, and i'm so glad you are bringing information to the people every evening. and i want to say that in my own district, there are a lot of people who cannot afford

Diane E. Watson

1:14:26 to 1:14:47( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: health care. but this one family could and if we don't a lot of people will have to endure weeks of illness and eventually death. i'd like to bring to your attention the death of mary

Diane E. Watson

1:14:48 to 1:15:11( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: bell bakewell, who was born on april 10, 1925, and died october 7, 2009 in los angeles. her son is dan nee bakewell who is now chair of the black publisher's association and mr.

Diane E. Watson

1:15:12 to 1:15:33( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: bakewell, who calif health care. he could not save his own mother, mrs. bakewell, and she suffered a massive stroke, from which she never recovered. marby, as she was affectionately known by her entire family, was always the

Diane E. Watson

1:15:34 to 1:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: life of the party. she preached family first. anyone who knew her immediately fell in love with her glowing personality. she was full of life, love, and laughter and was also an activist. marely -- mary bell bakewell was a native of new orleans and

Diane E. Watson

1:15:57 to 1:16:18( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: lived there 79 years of her 84 years of life. she finally left her beloved city after it was completely devastated by hurricane katrina. while living in new orleans, she was a life member of st. peter clavers catholic church as well as a member of the sisters of the holy family.

Diane E. Watson

1:16:19 to 1:16:40( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: mrs. bakewell belonged to one of four generations of women and family who attended st. mary's catholic s her grandmother, mary rinnia, her brother, camille, and mary bell bakewell and her daughter pamela bakewell all were graduates of this esteemed

Diane E. Watson

1:16:41 to 1:17:01( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: institution of higher learning, dating back to the turn of century. mrs. bakewell was a die hard new orleans saints fan. she loved to play cards and board games, especially with her main road warior, brenda march mitchell.

Diane E. Watson

1:17:02 to 1:17:23( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: mary bell bakewell is survived by two children, danny jay bakewell senior, and pamela bakewell. both prominent in los angeles civic affairs. her daughter-in-law, eileen bakewell, eight grandchildren, danny jay bakewell junior,

Diane E. Watson

1:17:24 to 1:17:48( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: brandy bakewell, sabrina bakewell, deceased, donny brooks, jamie brooks, brandon brooks, fatima, amara, six great grandchildren, tyler bakewell, danny j. bakewell i, devon bakewell, bryce

Diane E. Watson

1:17:49 to 1:18:09( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: bakewell, donny brooks jr., and adrian a.j. brooks and sister-in-law, her well as a host of cousins, family, and friends. this courageous may tree ark will be missed by the los angeles community, her family, and friends and especially by

Diane E. Watson

1:18:10 to 1:18:30( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: me, mr. speaker. i had a grandmother who was born in new orleans, gre a convent for 13 obviously left. but her sisterecame sister philelmina, so i have a great afeck for the city and for her.

Diane E. Watson

1:18:31 to 1:18:54( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: but my point in bringing her obituary here is that, yes, this family could afford health care. but i'm telling you, there's thousands of otrs, not only in my district and the state of california, but across this country, something like 38 million, who need government to help them survive when they

Diane E. Watson

1:18:55 to 1:19:16( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: have a condition or when they are declared terminal. so i am hoping that in this congress, we will do the right thing and we will see that the - that beforthe year ends, we have medicare reform as a program for all americans. i want to thank you, mr.

Diane E. Watson

1:19:17 to 1:19:26( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: ellison, for your insight, your intelligence, your knowledge, and i want you on this every -- i watch you on the floor every evening and you are bringing to the american

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