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House Proceeding 10-22-09 on Oct 22nd, 2009 :: 0:17:15 to 0:24:20
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Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: in clause 9 of rule 18. the speaker pro tempore: the the gentlewoman from california is recognized for one hour. ms. matsui: for the purpose of debate only, i yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman from florida, mr. diaz-balart. all time yielded during consideration of the rulis for debate only. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days within which to revise and

Doris O. Matsui

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Speech By: Doris O. Matsui

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: extend their remarks and to incertificate extraneous materials into the record. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. matsui: house resolution 854 provides for a structured rule for the coast guard

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: authorization act of 2010. the rule waives all points of order except those arising under clause 9 or 10 of rule 231. the general debate qu 40 equally divided with the chair and ranking member of the transportation and infrastructure committee and 20 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: ranking member of homeland security committee. the rule provides that the amendment in the nature of a substitute recommended by the transportation and infr be considered as adopted and shall be considered as read. the rule waives all points of order against the committee amendments. the rule makes in order the amendments printed in the rules

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: committee report accompanying the resolution and waives all points of order against all amendments except those arising under clause 9 or 10 of rule 21. the rule makes in order 13 amendments, including all six of the were submitted for consideration. in the case of sun dry amendments reported by the committee, the question of their

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: adoption shall be put to the house engross and without division of the question. the chair may not entertain a motion to rise unless offered by the chair of the committee on transportation or his designee and may not enteain a motion to strike the enacting clause i want to thank both chairman oberstar and chairman thompson for the good work the committee

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: has done on this bill. thanks to these two committees we are here today to strengthen the coast guard's ability to implement its responsibilities. it is critical that the coast guard has the necessary funds, resources and personnel to carry out the missions we need to conduct. h.r. 3619 increases the

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: authorizednd strength for military personnel in the coast guard by personnel and increase the allowable number of officers in the service. the legislation also establishes marine safety as a core mission of the coast guard.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: it responds directly to the many short comings and acquisition efforts that the committee has examined over the last several years. for example, it prohibits the coast guard's use for a lease system interrogator and requires the ast guard to develop life cycle estimates and prohibits

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: contracting self-certification. the coast guard authorization act of 2010 will strengthen our nation's coast guard by making key changes now, the benefits of which we will see for years to come. legislation that i authored earlier this

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: chairman cummings for including important language into this bill. there is an urgent need for the reformats i outlined in the crews vessels security act. currently, cruise ships operate under foreign flags and not required under u.s. law to report crimes occurring outside

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: of our territorial waters, leaving our territorial waters does not mean that cruise ships should be allowed to operate with basic laws that protect american citizens. my legislation requires that all crimes that occur aboard cruise ships be reported to the coast guard and to the f.b.i.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: processes and accountability, these violent acts will be allowed to continue. under the status quo, criminals are left unpunished and victims are left to fend for themselves. unclear lines of jurisdictio are no longer an excuse for risking the safety of millions of americans who board cruise

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: ships each year. i became aware of the increased need for protections when one of my constituents wrote to me for help in april of 2006. lori was a victim of a sexual assaulwhile on a cruise vacation. she was given no assistance by the cruise lines in properly

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: securing evidence of the assault. no assistance in identifying her attacker who was an employee of the cruise ship. no assistance in prosecuting the crime once back on shore. devastated, lori reached out to me. i immediately called for hearings on this issue and began to work on the legislation that

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: is now a part of this coast guard authorization bill. the congressional hearings, chaired by chairman cummings, made apparent the gross inadequacies of current cruise safety provisions. because of these hearings, it been a single conviction of an accused rape on a cruise ship in recent history.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: with ongoing news coverage of recent rapes on is clear that legislation is both urgent and necessary. many of my colleagues have come to me with similar stories of constituents who have gone missing, been sexually attacked or gone days, weeks, years without getting resolution.

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: my legislation establishes stringent new standards to ensure the safety and security of passengers on cruise vessels. its reforms require that personnel preserve evidenc crimes committed on the vessels and provide appropriate medical treatment to the victims of sexual assault. security, safety and

Doris O. Matsui

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Doris O. Matsui: accountability must be strengthened to hold criminals accountable. as this crucial legislation moves forward, it serves as proof that progress is being made towards ensuring the safety of all americans abroad. lori dishman is here today to

Doris O. Matsui

0:24:01 to 0:24:20( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: witness her cause move forward and i want to thank her for extraordinary courage and leadership. this has been a long difficult road for all crui their families. these reforms are common sense and are supported now by the cruise line industry

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