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House Proceeding 10-22-09 on Oct 22nd, 2009 :: 1:57:35 to 2:03:35
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Nathan Deal

1:57:31 to 1:57:53( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: guarantee that no discrimination, complete transparency in medical pricing, and the stanrd health plan will exist in our legislation. i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized.

Nathan Deal

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Speech By: Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal

1:57:54 to 1:58:16( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: mr. poe. the gentleman from georgia is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. with my apologies to charlie daniels, i have some new words for one of his songs, it goes like this, democrats went forth from washington carrying a bill

Nathan Deal

1:58:17 to 1:58:37( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: they wanted to seal, they were in a bind because they were way behind and looking for some doctors to deal. you may think your health care is in pretty good shape, but give the dems their due, they are willing to bet a fiddle of gold against medicine's soul because they think they know bert than you. -- better than you.

Nathan Deal

1:58:38 to 1:59:01( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: i rise today to deliver a message to physicians and their patients across our great nation. don't be be fooled by political attempts to get your supporter for a deal which the american people have already rejected. despite the president's claim that health care reform will not add to the deficit, there is one

Nathan Deal

1:59:02 to 1:59:24( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: very large problem -- medicare physician payment reform. ju yesterday democrats in the other body attempted to force through a bill which purported to fix a fundamental flaw in the way medicare pays physicians. attempting to move this legislation outside of the context of a health care reform

Nathan Deal

1:59:25 to 1:59:49( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: package only underscores the fact that the fix is no for and will add to the backs of all american taxpayers and is being used as a political bait and switch to lure providers into supporting a care reform bill that has already been rejected by the people.

Nathan Deal

1:59:55 to 2:00:16( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: . the president has made promises that he will not sign a bill, that, quote, adds one dime to our deficit now or in the future. end quote. by that logic, the bills in the house and senate are dead on

Nathan Deal

2:00:17 to 2:00:40( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: arrival if president obama wishes to keep his promise to the american people. the problems with the sustainable growth rate, commonly referred to as s.g.r., have forced this body to act repeatedly to override reimbursement flawed by this

Nathan Deal

2:00:41 to 2:01:01( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: formula. at the base of this is access to phycians. if these cuts are allowed to occur, seniors will face an unprecedented lack of access to care and doctors will lose money when rates are lower than

Nathan Deal

2:01:02 to 2:01:22( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: the cost of care. with cuts scheduled to go into effect at the end of this year, it's not surprising that the administration would use this political leverage to pass health care reform that on its own merit has been and

Nathan Deal

2:01:23 to 2:01:44( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: continues to be rejected by the american people. the minister of health of great britain, when asked how to he got his country's physicians to go along with health care reform, said, quote, i stuffed their mouths with gold, end quote.

Nathan Deal

2:01:45 to 2:02:05( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: president obama and this administration are trying to to the same with fools' gold. the democratic administration and congress are choosing to ignore the cost of fixing s.g.r., using budgetary games that wl add another $250 billion to the federal deficit. clearly, dimes aren't being

Nathan Deal

2:02:06 to 2:02:26( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: added to the deficit, hundreds of billions of dollars are. this, of course, is inddition to billions of new taxes on individuals and small businesses and cuts to popular medicare programs like medicare advantage. what is at stake is our ability as a nation to enact meaningful

Nathan Deal

2:02:27 to 2:02:48( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: reforms which drive down cost, improve quality, and increase access to health care coverage of americans by their own choosing. in fact, c.b.o. estimates that tort reform alone would save americans over $54 billion over the next 10 ars and that's just one example. but so much for bending the

Nathan Deal

2:02:49 to 2:03:14( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: cost curve, though. because malpractice reform is being left behind to be fixed another day. so to my colleagues and physicians looking to strike a deal on that fiddle of gold, remember it is not your own soul that this legislation will steal. it is the soul of health care

Nathan Deal

2:03:18 to 2:03:37( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: in america. the speaker pro tempore: mr. weiner of new york. mr. jones of north carolina. ms. wool seve california. -- ms. woolsey of california. mr. moran of kansas. ms. kaptur of ohio. mr. burton of indiana. . defazio of oregon.

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