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House Proceeding 10-23-09 on Oct 23rd, 2009 :: 1:01:55 to 1:06:00
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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: our security, their security, our world. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back her time. mr. jones, north carolina. for what purpose does the gentleman rise? >> ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. burton: mr. speaker, the oba administration led by its council of economic advisors indicated that if we spent $1 trillion with the stimulubill that we would create 3.5 million new jobs.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: well, here it is, eight, nine months later we spent a great deal of the stimulus money, and instead of creating 3.5 million new jobs, we have lost three million jobs. that's a 6 1/2 million job swing. yesterday dr. christina roemer, the chairman of the president's council of economic advisors,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: said that the economic package, $1 trillion, remember we are $1.4 trillion in the hole this year, but the stimulus package of $1 trillion wasn't going to work anymore for the next several months and we should expect the economy to continue to drift downward with unemployment reaching 10%.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: . the reason i bring this up, 49 of 50 states have lost jobs while we try to create jobs. we're throwing money at this situation as rapidly as possible. the innovate is -- the government is getting its nose in economy, moving to a socialist type of economy and the economy

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: continues to drift downward. why is that? because we're take manager and more money and spending it that we don't have, number one, and number two, they're going to tax us t we're suffering economic calamity in this country. what should wee doing? ronald reagan came into office back in 1980 when jimmy carter had 12% unemployment, worse

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: than now, and 14% inflation, worse than now. the misery index of 26%. they said you had to raise taxes because we had such problems. ronald reagan said, well, i think we oht to cut taxes. so they cut taxes across the board. he was criticized severely for

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: it. they said, there's going to be a shortfall in money coming into the treasury. we were bringing in $500 billion in taxes and four years later we were bringing in $1.3 trillion. do you know why? because when you cut taxes you give people more disposable income, business has more money to invest, and so business invests, people buy more

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: products because t money. because of that they produce more products, more jobs are created, the economy expands. makes common sense. if you have more money, you'll be able to spend more money. what happened was, we had the longest period of economic expansioin the history of this country because we had a president that could see what really needed to be done.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: let the fre enterprise system work and let people have more of their money to spend. reagan did the job system of what are we doing today? we've got a government that thinks they should control everything and they're moving toward a socialist economy, very similar to what you see in france and england and other parts of the world that are really suffering and continue to suffer through economic

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: chaos. all i can say, if i were talking to the president, is mr. president, get real. wake up, forget this socialist nonsense. take a look at the history book and look at what ronald reagan did. 23 you would do that and instead of raising taxes, cut taxes, you would stimulate economic growth, put people back to work and get this

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: economy headed in the right

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