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House Proceeding 10-28-09 on Oct 28th, 2009 :: 0:23:40 to 0:27:00
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Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: business, small or large in america, except for professional baseball, they are exempt. they can and they do get together and collude. collude to drive up the price of premiums. collude to stay out of each other's marks and not compete. could he lead to exclude people with pre-existing conditions. collude to do a whole host of anti-competive things to

Peter A. DeFazio

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Speech By: Peter A. DeFazio

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: people. so before i hear anything more from that side of the aisle about supporting the private insurance industry, let's hear about having them play by the same rules as every other industry in america. but that's not why i came to the floor this afternoon. i came to the floor because there seems to be a little disconnect downtown at the white house with the president's economic team yet once again.

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: big surprise. the g.d.p., gross domestic product, is growing. so the economy is recovering. we're out of the recession. autopsies. well, it's a -- oops. well, it's a so-called jobless recovery and we are going to lose a quarter of a million jobs a month. we need to take concrete steps, not to make a bad pun, here in

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: the house of representatives in congress to put people back to work. and one of the things we can do best would be to ignore the president and his advisors who want to delay a new transportation policy for america, one that will deliver projects more quickly and with less expense of getting people out of congestion, giving

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: people more transit options, ficking some of our 160,000 bridges that are either -- fixing some of our 160,000 bridges that are either functionally obsolete. made in america modern buses like the fuel cell bus i saw yesterday. but guess what, it's going to

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: take some investment and some money and this white house after cutting a deal with republican senators for $340 billion in tax cuts in the so-called stimulus, which isn't put anybody back to work, ask your neighbor, ask your friend, ask anybody. what did you spend your $12 last week, your tax cut, how did you invest for the future

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: of america? consumer driven. we need a recovery that is investment and jobs driven in this country. and a six-year highway authorization could get that job done. the difference between the obama plan, do nothing, extend current laws for a crumbling third world-like infrastructure

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: in this country and what we're proposing on -- here in the house of representatives, in the transportation and infrastructure committee is one million jobs next year. now, apparently the president's economic team thinks they can tell those one million people who doesn't have jobs, don't

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: worey the g.d.p. is up. maybe they can get onboard and help us write that six-year its nap and put millions more to work next year and rebuild america's transportation infrastructure. and it will help him with his goals of reducing pollution, reducing carboemissions

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: because we will get people out of traffic and help the congestion problems. i recommend th for a new onom

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