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House Proceeding 10-28-09 on Oct 28th, 2009 :: 1:47:00 to 1:51:00
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Chris Murphy

1:46:56 to 1:47:16( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: just fine because we need health insurance in this country but they have to start the program in terms of what ordinary americans need and deserve with respect to health care. i yield. mr. murphy: we've got to remember, health insurance is a business. a for profit business. there used to be a lot of nonprofit insurers out there, including in connecticut, they're disappearing.

Chris Murphy

1:47:00 to 1:51:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

1:47:17 to 1:47:37( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: again, i'm not sure that we have a nonprofit health care insurer that's a viable alternative to our state. as a business i can guess you could understand that what we perceive as payme necessary health care, insurance companies term medical loss. that's

Chris Murphy

1:47:38 to 1:48:00( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: that they pay out for health insurance claims, medical loss. because of them it's a loss. it's less money that they can keep for profit or as a return shareholders. now, it's a business. i'm not going to begrudge them because in the end

Chris Murphy

1:48:01 to 1:48:22( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: profit and investment return. but it speaks to the fact in terms of the insurance industry they are not always perfectly aligned with the interests of their beneficiaries and of patients out there. and it is up to a commonsense government to try to even out that playing field. and that's why this health care

Chris Murphy

1:48:23 to 1:48:43( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: reform bill has to have all of the provisions that you talked about. second about the debate here that we're having. because we'd like to think there is consen us around these i shall -- consensus around these issues. we already talked about the fact that the tough decisions are the ones that the

Chris Murphy

1:48:44 to 1:49:05( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: republicans were unwil make for a long time. but there was the 27, 28-pa memo that was going around was back written by frank luntz, sort of pollster envogue for the republican party and it was

Chris Murphy

1:49:06 to 1:49:26( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: a 28-page bill on how to kill heal care reform. it was n the bill actually was. it was not a summary of the proposals the democrats had put before and a critique of those proposals. it just said, here are the words and phrases you need to use in order to kill health care reform. we are not evaluating whether it was a good or bad thing to kill health care reform.

Chris Murphy

1:49:27 to 1:49:47( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: the subsignificance in the beginning was, going, we are going to try to kill health care reform. the phrases in the memo are the phases you'll hear over and over again, uttered on the house floor by the republicans, by many of their allies on talk radio, government-run health

Chris Murphy

1:49:48 to 1:50:08( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: care, socialist keover of health care. the same phrases that polled well to people that were willing to stop health care reform and the same phrases used on this house floor. no connection to the bill, a b budget office says over a

Chris Murphy

1:50:09 to 1:50:29( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: 10-year people will expand the people that have health insurance, but this debate doesn't seem for one side the aisle to be really about the merits here. this debate seems to be about certain catchphrases and sound bites that will stop reform from happening. and, ms. wasserman schultz, as

Chris Murphy

1:50:30 to 1:50:50( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: you mentioned, every day as we sort of emerge from the heat of august, it seems that more and more people, whether it be in the public opinion polls or in the calls to our office are getting behind the idea of health care reform happening. and i think that

Chris Murphy

1:50:51 to 1:51:00( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: the simple uncovering of these distortions and sound bites. and people are realizing that the phrases they hear on tv, not all from republican members of congress.

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