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House Proceeding 11-03-09 on Nov 3rd, 2009 :: 4:24:40 to 4:30:35
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Howard L. Berman

4:24:34 to 4:24:54( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: the gentleman from california. >> parliamentary inquiry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will state his inquiry. >> is it my understanding that lost time because of the pafrlmen the speaker pro tempore: no. his timeas expired. >> thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. berman: madam speaker, i

Howard L. Berman

4:24:40 to 4:30:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Howard L. Berman

Howard L. Berman

4:24:55 to 4:25:15( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: yield myself the balance of the time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields himself five minutes. mr. berman: the question is raised by several opposing speakers, why are we doing this now? what's the rush? and the only rush. because i prefer we have more time.

Howard L. Berman

4:25:16 to 4:25:36( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: i prefer we have more discussion. is that tomorrow the general assembly iits rush to adopt a resolution to send this matter to the security council and to the criminal courts if there's not an investigation within 90 days is speaking to a dgment

Howard L. Berman

4:25:37 to 4:26:01( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: and i personally think it's very important for us to act on th assembly meets, debates, and votes. secondly, glowing tribute, i'm sure they're deserved, to the record, the resume, the

Howard L. Berman

4:26:19 to 4:26:41( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: judgment, the reputation of a flaw report. i would suggest to -- this is such a situation. next -- let's talk about the human rights commission. the u.n. human rights council is obsessed with israel. they have had 24 negative

Howard L. Berman

4:26:42 to 4:27:02( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: resolutions three years of existence which totals more than every other resolution on any other country regardless of their human rights regard in total. 24 in israel, less on all the other countries of the world. it is the onl on the permanent agenda of the

Howard L. Berman

4:27:03 to 4:27:25( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: human rights council. and is discussed every year automatically. the only country. now, we corrected were some inaccuracies in the initial language regarding the mandate and we recognize the efforts. never as my ranking member points out to formally change

Howard L. Berman

4:27:26 to 4:27:47( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: the mandate but for justice goldstone to operate. i will not rest my opposition, my support for this resolution and my disagreement with the opponents simply based on the reputation and conduct of the human rights council. the fact is i truly believe the report is flawed. and i'm going to take a moment,

Howard L. Berman

4:27:48 to 4:28:10( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: couple of moments, to quote from this coming week's new republic. an article, i want to quote two paragraphs which i think reflect better than i could even say -- better than i could say on my own the problem here. and ask my colleagues to come to grips with this. the commission, that is the goldstone report, wrote that it

Howard L. Berman

4:28:11 to 4:28:31( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: -- he writes, they could have performed a great service if it had concentrated on gathering the testimonies from gaza and assessing them critically. while acknowledging as the gold stone report failed to do that they are partial and incomplete. by definition they did not talk for reasons that we all know,

Howard L. Berman

4:28:32 to 4:28:52( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: they did not talk to the israeli forces that were crimes this commission found them to have committed this. would have forced israel to investigate various matters, provide answers, and take appropriate measures. but instead the commission opted to add to its findings three unnecessary elements, the

Howard L. Berman

4:28:53 to 4:29:13( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: context that led it's assessment of israel's strategic goals, and long segments of israel's occupation t bank. why should a committee with the mandate to inquire into the operation of gaza deal with the israeli-palestinian conflict at large. the honest reader of these sections, and we have read t

Howard L. Berman

4:29:14 to 4:29:34( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: sections, cannot avoid the impression that their objective is to prepare a gentleman diamond of israel as a predatory state that is geared towards violating human rights all the time and will natural follow from such a premise that the gaza operation was yet another instance of israel's general wicked behavior. these long sections are the

Howard L. Berman

4:29:35 to 4:29:56( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: weakest, most biased, and most outrageous -- in this long document. they are nothing if not political. of the history that led to the war, hamas is basically described as a legitimate party that had the bad luck to clash with israel. the bloody history of the movement which since the beginning of the oslo aords was determined to do everything

Howard L. Berman

4:29:57 to 4:30:17( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: in its power, including the massacre of civilians, to the peace process. that is hamas, is not mentioned in that context. we are in a very strange situation. israel is conducting numerous investigation nouse on this issue.

Howard L. Berman

4:30:18 to 4:30:36( Edit History Discussion )

Howard L. Berman: i would like to see israel conduct a for particular issue, but until we in this congress come here and recommend that some outside commission recognize the u.s. military because a number of civilians died in the war where

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