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Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: mr. cummings, mr. woolsey, mr. griffith, mr. bishop, mr. defazio, mr. cap -- ms. kaptur massa. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, and under a previous order of the

Elijah E. Cummings

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Speech By: Elijah E. Cummings

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: house, the following members are recognized for five minutes each. cummings of maryland. poe. -- i'm sorry.

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: mr. cummins of maryland. mr. cummings: thank you, madam speaker. i come to the floor tonight after listening to my colleagues talk about the health care reform act. every 12 minutes, an american dies in this, the greatest country on earth, because they can't afford to live. americans lie right now, as i

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: speak, in their home, in pain, suffering because they cannot afford the care that would bring themry leaf. -- bring them relief. how many people in my district choo food. parents who go without medical treatment to pay for heat and clothing for their children. with all their hearts that a

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: loved one has died because they lacked adequate health care. like the misrepresentations about this bill, these injustices must stop. the time to act is now and in the words of president obama, we must have the urgency of now. h.r. 3962 helps uninsured

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: americans immediately. it immediately creates an insurance program with financial assistance for those who are uninsured or who have been denied a policy because of pre-existing conditions. it also allows those who are unemployed to keep their cobra

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: coverage until the exchange is operational. health insurance reform will mean greater stability and -- for all americans that means affordability for the middle class. security for our children. and responsibility to our children. it also will mean coverage for 96% of americans.

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: according c.b.o., the bill reduces the deficit by $30 billion over the first 10 years. in speeches, republicans describe this bill as the speaker's ll. they call it the pelosi bill. the bill does not belong to the speaker, though she's done a phenomenal job in helping us craft it.

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: this bill belongs to the hardworking americans that have insurance but want a more transparent and stable health care marketplace that focuses on quality, affordable choices for all americans and keeps insurers honest. it belongs to 47 million americans who are suffering with no help on the horizon.

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: the bill belongs to the seniors, living in rural a all over our country, who will receive better medicare coverage because of this by it belongs to the children throughout our nation, so poor their parents cannot afford checkups. these are the children whose

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: lifes will be crippled by diabetes, because a doctor has not diagnosed them as being at risk. our children are our living message we send to a future we never see. the question is what type of future are -- mesge are we sending? they will suffer because they don't know how to reverse the

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: problems along this road. this bill belongs to 44,000 americans who die every year because they lack insurance. liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by document miscolleagues on the other side of the aisle refer to. americans are denied those things by the thousands. they cannot afford care and so

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: they die. that's right, madam speaker, foevery page the puns -- republicans print out and use as a prop, for every page, 22 americans die this year because they cannot pay for the care that will save their lives. it is telling that they printed those pages out, madam speaker, using valuable tax dollars to

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: make copies of a bill that is available and searchable and down loadable online. it's a perfect metaphor for the millions -- billions of dollars this bill will save americans. our health care bill will save more than $150 billion every year a call that president obama made at the beginning of his campaign.

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: the bill moves north korea a health care system with an electronic recordkeeping system, cutting fraud costs and medical mistakes. the republicans don't care about those savings or their progress. the taxpayer provided paper used here today on this floor

Elijah E. Cummings

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Elijah E. Cummings: are props, only used as weights to slow down and stop true health care reform.

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