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House Proceeding 11-06-07 on Nov 6th, 2007 :: 1:54:48 to 1:56:45
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Jerry Moran

1:51:24 to 1:54:48( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jerry Moran

Jerry Moran

1:54:35 to 1:54:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jerry Moran: pro tempore: the gentleman' s recognized for one minute. mr. pascrell: thank you, madam chairlady. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr.

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:54:48 to 1:55:04( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: pascrell: i rise to seek strong support of h.r. 3997. i want to commend chairman rangel and congressman neal and congressman english for their persistence. tax inhe qualities hurt our -- h inequalities

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:54:48 to 1:56:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Bill Jr.Pascrell

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:55:04 to 1:55:17( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: hurt our moral fabric and destroy our society. we will provide a measure of relief for those brave men and women serve ing in the military and as first responders. in particular, i'm glad to see

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:55:17 to 1:55:30( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: that this bill excludes from income certain re reimbursable expenses incurred in the line of duty by volunteer firefighters, and i commend my friend, congressman larson from connecticut, who has worked on

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:55:30 to 1:55:43( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: this issue for sometime. i'm truly heartened that we are permanently extending combat pay in the calculations of the earned income tax credit. recent law allowed members of the armed forces to exclude

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:55:43 to 1:55:54( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: combat pay, which is generally nontaxable. for purposes of compute ing the earned income credit -- mr. neal mr. neal: i yield the gentleman an additional 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman'

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:55:54 to 1:56:02( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: s recognized for an additional 30 seconds. mr. pascrell: thank you. but this will only last through the 2006 tax year. many of us have worked for sometime to make this proposal permanent. i'm tremendously

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:56:02 to 1:56:13( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: please ed that this provision has made it into the broader package that we're discussing today. there is no reason a member of the armed forces should lose the earned income tax credit when they're

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:56:13 to 1:56:22( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: mobile ize ed serve ing their country. again, i tha the chairman, i thank mr. neal, mr. english for the work and diligence on this critical iss ue. and i yield back. thank you, madam chair. the speaker

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:56:22 to 1:56:33( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from pennsylvania. mr. english: madam speaker, at this point, may i inquire of the gentleman in the majority how much

Bill Jr.Pascrell

1:56:33 to 1:56:45( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Jr.Pascrell: aitional speakers he has? mr. neal: madam speaker, i believe that we have about five additional speakers. mr. english: madam speaker, we have the possibility, but not the certai nty of an additional

Shelley Berkley

1:56:45 to 1:56:58( Edit History Discussion )

Shelley Berkley: speaker, and i'm wondering if it might be appropriate for the gentleman to have a few of his speakers go forward now.wa mr. neal: i think that would be appropriate, madam speaker. i might inquire of the

Shelley Berkley

1:56:45 to 1:58:52( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Shelley Berkley

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