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David Wu

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David Wu: democratic health care plan will have on businesses and jobs in this country, another human rights concern and i ask unanimous consent to revise a extend my remarks. ms. ros-lehtinen: with that, mr. speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. berman: mr. speaker, i'm

David Wu

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Speech By: David Wu

David Wu

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David Wu: very pleased t former member of our committee and the sponsor of this resolution, the gentleman from oregon, six minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from oregon is recognized. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. it is a tragedy when any child is killed. it is an abomination when the act of asking questions about one's child's death

David Wu

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David Wu: harassment or persecution by one's own government. we all rember when a major earthquake struck sichuan province, china, on may 12, 2008. it was the most devastating natural disaster to hit china in over three decades.

David Wu

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David Wu: that day i was the first personally to present condolences to the chinese people for their grievous loss. particularly hetbreaking were stories of the children who were killed as their school buildings collapsed around them and the images of parents overwhelmed with grief. in the aftermath of the earthquake these parents started

David Wu

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David Wu: questioning why school buildings collapsed at a much higher rate than other types of buildings. they allege that poor construction and corruption among local officials and builders contributed to the school building collapses. these allegations have been stone walled or worse, resulted in the harassment of the

David Wu

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David Wu: complaint ants. chinese courts have refused to hearawsuits brought by the parents, local offials and even kept some complaining parents in arbitrary detention. as a parent myself, i find it a tragic failure of justice to have these grievances go

David Wu

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David Wu: unaddressed, especially if a society chooses to enforce a one-chd policy. two human rights activists from sichuan's capital city attempted to stand up for these grieving parents and give voice to their

David Wu

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David Wu: concerns. soon after the earthquake struck, mr. qi posted articles on his website about the parents' demands for an investigation into the school buildings collapses. separately, in february of this year, mr. tan zuoren issued a proposal on the internet calling for volunteers to travel to sichuan to compile lists of students killed in the quake.

David Wu

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David Wu: to document the parents' treatment and to conduct an investigation of school building construction. mr. zuoren's report criticized officials for failing to follow through on their commitments to fully investigate the role that inferior construction played in the school building collapses and failure to deal with the parents' demands.

David Wu

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David Wu: for these actions, the local municipal government charged both mr. huang and mr. tan. they were charged for state secrets and incitingversion to state power.

David Wu

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David Wu: both of these men were put on trial in august this year. their allegations that -- -- there are allegations that each trial was fraught with violations. the victims said that they were detained to prevent them from attending the trial. the urt repeeltedly rejected requests from mr. tan's lawyers

David Wu

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David Wu: to call three witnesses, including the noted architectural designer who helped design the beijing olympics bird nest stadium and who also was investigating student deaths in the sichuan earthquake. according to him, police came to

David Wu

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David Wu: his hotel and used force to prevent him and 10 others from leaving the premises until after the trial ended. mr. huang's trial was allegedly fraught with similar violations, including the detention of a volunteer from the human rights center to prevent him from testifying on mr. huang's behalf.

David Wu

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David Wu: to date, judgments have not issued in either mr. huang or mr. tan's trial. the trials have been suspended or held open. both men continue to be held in prison. mr. speaker, i rise today to urge my colleagues to pass house resolution 877, to express their

David Wu

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David Wu: tan's peaceful request for answers and justice on behalf of the parents whose children were killed in the sichuan earthquake. this bipartisan resolution with 176 co-sponsors calls on the chinese government to adhere to its own constitutional guarantees, its own criminal

David Wu

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David Wu: procedure laws and its own recently passed national human rights action plan to ensure that mr. huang, mr. tan and all chinese citizens are accorded the right to free speech and the right to criticize and make suggestions to their government as guaranteed by their own constution. mr. speaker, no one who suffers

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