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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: today and send a strong message of support against any attempts to threaten or intimidate them. mr. speaker, at this time i'm pleased to yield six minutes to from indiana, mr. burton, who is the ranking member on the foreign af

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the middle east and south asia, six minutes to the gentleman from indiana. mr. burton: i thank the gentlelady for yielding. mr. chairman, i thought you were going to leave before i got to talk to you because i always like to address you while i am down in the well. i beg your pardon. you made a comment about my colleague, mr. kingston, when

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: he said something about our bill being so much smaller. and you said, i think, it was 10 times bigger because it did 10 times more. it does do a lot more. it spends a lot more. it's 990 pages -- now, don't walk away.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: i want you to hear this. and each word in the bill is $2.25 million, each word, not each page, out of 1,990 pages, almost 2,000, each word. and it's not g trillion but $1.3 trillion and it's going to cause rationing

Dan Burton

0:56:27 to 0:56:47( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: of health care and going to cause a big cut in medicare and medicaid. i see you moving toward the door. mr. chairman, i love you, but this is not the best bill that i've ever seen. i think this is a bill -- well, he's leaving now. he's out the door. mr. chairman, i'd like to take issue with that. i'd like to say one more thing before i leave because i will

Dan Burton

0:56:48 to 0:57:09( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: talk about ronald reagan. when you did your dissertation you didn't mention ronald reagan and what he did when he said, mr. gorbachev, the speaker pro tempor your the members are reminded to address

Dan Burton

0:57:10 to 0:57:32( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: their remarks to the chair. well, he's gone anyway now. mr. speaker, madam ranking member, ronald reagan forced gorbachev and the soviet union to spend money they didn't have like we don't have with the health care bill, to build t-55 tanks and weapons to keep up

Dan Burton

0:57:33 to 0:57:53( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: with us in the cold war and he forced that country, that soviet union and all the countries involved to fall apart. and he said, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall, and i thought at the time that's a great speech, mr. president, but it will never happen.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and i went to monitor the elections in namibibia about a were going to a german beer garden for lunch and i walked in and everybody was holding steins. i thought it was a birthday party or wedding party and i said, what's going on?

Dan Burton

0:58:16 to 0:58:37( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: and this guy with tears rolling down his cheeks, a german fellow said, haven't you heard, the berlin wall is coming down? i got tears in my eyes because he said, i'll be -- ronald reagan is the greatest president. he did whatever it took to deal with the soviet union and he

Dan Burton

0:58:38 to 0:58:58( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: won. but not only that, ronald reagan said that if we ever move toward government control of health care it would be a strong move towards socialistic control of everybody in this country. i'm paraphrasing him but he actually said that. and when ronald reagan same in instead of moving toward government control over our

Dan Burton

0:58:59 to 0:59:20( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: lives he said instead of raising taxes and creating more government, we are going to cut taxes, we are going to give people more disposable income, we are going to give businesses more money so we can expand and we ended up with the longest period of economic recovery that i can remember in our history. and so the obama administration comes in, they take over the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: car industry, the fincial industry, the banking industry. they want to take over the energy industry and now they want to take over 18% of our entire society's economy and that is health care. and it's going to be destruction of much of what we believe in and the way we live in this country.

Dan Burton

0:59:43 to 1:00:03( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: we don't need socialism in america and that's what it is. if you say, well, that's a pretty strong word. go to the dictionary and see what socialism, it's fwoft control over people's lives, it's government regulation over everything. and this health care bill is an absolute disaster. seniors are going to see rationing of health care first. and then others will.

Dan Burton

1:00:04 to 1:00:24( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: they're going to see the cuts in medicare and medicare advantage. $500 billion. they're going to see all kinds of problems that they don't and i just hope, i just hope that the people of this country who appeared on the mall yesterday by the thousands will continue to fight, mr. speaker, will continue to fight to st

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this bill before it gets passed into law because it's going to change everybody's life and it's going to mortgage the

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