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House Proceeding 11-06-09 on Nov 6th, 2009 :: 3:05:30 to 3:10:45
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Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:05:26 to 3:05:46( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: dreams of those kansas soldiers for a better life for another generation of americans. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mr. mcdermott of washington. for what reason does the lady from texas rise? >> ask unanimous consent to address the house for five

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:05:30 to 3:10:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:05:47 to 3:06:08( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlelady is recognized for five minutes. ms. jackson lee: mr. speaker, thank you very much. this has been an engaging debate and discussion by my colleagues and it is a momentous time in our history.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:06:09 to 3:06:29( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: earlier this evening, i reminded my colleagues of the imagined debateor those of us who are not here when medicare was introduced to the american people. medicare can document the number of lives t we're priv

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:06:30 to 3:06:50( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: house chairman john dingell who was here during that debate and who has crafted this legislation based upon decades o attempting to achieve universal access to health care for all americans. my friends are talking about how we rushed this legislation

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:06:51 to 3:07:12( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: through. with history's stories, for america has been working on providing access to health care for all americans since the 1930's, the 1940's, the 1950's, the 1960's, 1

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:07:13 to 3:07:33( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: we must come to grips with the collapsed system that allows 18,000 people to die because of lack of insurance, that has a number of states with high uninsurance rates, meaning that their population is uninsured.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:07:34 to 3:07:54( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: it seems like an oxymo city that ca energy capital of the world with all of the at try beauties that houston has, the spirit of the people, tore call america, and yet our

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:07:55 to 3:08:15( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: numbers are very high for those houstonians who desire to have access to health care. this is not an indictment of the facilities that work very hard to make this happen, the harris county, texas the number of hospitals, including st. joseph hospital,

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:08:16 to 3:08:36( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: physicians, nurses and clinics that work in the area, all work hard to provide care. but, mr. speaker, it's not enough. and our friends on the other side will introduce legislation tomorrow that they call cost-saving that will merely insure three million people. i wonder wha

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:08:37 to 3:08:59( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: have been m we thought about penny pinching, not cost containment, not being efficient, penny pinching. there is no vision about what will happen if we wait one more decade without good health insurance. my friends say kill the bill. well, we're killing americans

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:09:00 to 3:09:23( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: and i believe most of us would ratner not engage in that. i believe that small business owners of whom we are very concerned will have the ability to secure insurance for their employees all the time when i listen to them, they are committed and de employees, backbone

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:09:24 to 3:09:44( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: this exets 86% w requimplete to increase the resholds of exemption from $250,000 to $500,000 and it allows those employees to go into the exchange. small employers in the exchange,

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:09:45 to 3:10:05( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: increase the size of employers, allowed to purchase coverage up to 100 employers of the first three years and permits additional expansion to large employers. a small business tax credit modifies the policy to limit it to two years to providing health care benefits their

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:10:06 to 3:10:27( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: employees. health insurance co-oop every s to establish not for compete insurance plans all in the vein of bringing down costs. it provides veterans and members of the armed forces insurance so they can have access to the exchange to paying health

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:10:28 to 3:10:46( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: insurance if they choose and fulfill their responsibility to have qualified health insurance if they are enrolled in tricare. this legislation allows americans to keep their insurance. i'm proud of that. and well, there is a definitive decline in the percentage that americans have

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