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House Proceeding 11-06-09 on Nov 6th, 2009 :: 4:16:40 to 4:21:35
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Chris Murphy

4:16:36 to 4:16:59( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: so i'm very -- i feel very privileged tonight as we're poised to take this historic next step to yield time to my good friend, mr. murphy, from connecticut. mr. murphy: i'm glad to be here and i thank my friend from florida for yielding some time. listen, this is a historic moment. it doesn't come around very often when you have the opportunity to make good on a

Chris Murphy

4:16:40 to 4:21:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

4:17:00 to 4:17:21( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: president has tried to make good on. frankly with a couple republicans thrown into the mix over the years to. bring health care to the millions of people that don't have it. and as my friend said, we don't have a choice any longer. if we allow the status quo to continue we're not just gng to bankrupt every family and business out there, we're going to bankrupt our government.

Chris Murphy

4:17:22 to 4:17:42( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: and the sad thing is that at this critical juncture in the history of america, government in the history, you'd like to think that the arguments that were happening on the floor of committee where mr. pallone was all day or on the airwaves, is debate about what's best for

Chris Murphy

4:17:43 to 4:18:05( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: this country. the debate is about what's best for one political party. this idea of the bill th we're dehe baiting being socialized medicine is laughable. it's laughable but we have to talk about why we're hearing that phrase come up over and over again. now, you have to go back to the spring of this year.

Chris Murphy

4:18:06 to 4:18:26( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: when the republican party's favorite pollster came out with a memo. before the democrats had even put their bill on the table. before there was a bill to critique. and the memo essentially said, here's how you kill health care reform. you call it socialized medicine. you call it government-run health care. before anybody had even looked to see what the bill was

Chris Murphy

4:18:27 to 4:18:47( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: decision was made that for political purposes a bunch of people are going to get behind killing this thing and are going to call it these names no matter what's in the text. as it turns out the bill that's presented before the house for a vote this weekend, early next week,

Chris Murphy

4:18:48 to 4:19:10( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: medicine, from government-run medicine, to make that claim would be absolutely outrageous t if you make it over and over talk radio and the cable news entertainment shows to do the same, people will start to internalize it. the fact is that the congressional budget office says pretty plainly that over the

Chris Murphy

4:19:11 to 4:19:32( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: 10-year window of this bill's rollout there will be more people, millions of more people, on private health care than there are today. why? because we fix the existing private health care market. we think that the salvation of our american health care system can be the private market but not under the rules that we're playing by tod

Chris Murphy

4:19:33 to 4:19:53( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: under those rules the price of health care over the last 10 years has shot up by 120% for small businesses in my district. this year, t insurer in connecticut announced they wer rates by 30% in one single year for small businesses. the rules meant that millions of americans

Chris Murphy

4:19:54 to 4:20:15( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: are kicked off their health care just because they get sick and millions more can't get on health care because they were sick to begin with. the rules of this market don't work. so all we say is, let's set up some fair rules that aggregate the purch individuals, that don't deny health care to people that need it.

Chris Murphy

4:20:16 to 4:20:36( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: let's just fix the market. that's what this bill does. it fixes the market. and we are at the very last minute presented with an alternative bill from our friends. now, you and i have been on this floor for a long time, we co down here and talk about the differences between the democrats' approach to health care and the republicans'

Chris Murphy

4:20:37 to 4:20:57( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: non-approach to health care but over the last year we've talked about the places we agree on and one of the places we all thought we agreed on is if you have a pre-existing condition you be denied h i heard republicans come down here night after night and say we should absolutely do that i listened to them on the talk shows and they said democrats and republicans should come together.

Chris Murphy

4:20:58 to 4:21:19( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: we came down here on the house floor. we wanted to lock arms and say, let's do it, let's stop sick people from being denied health care. and then we see their proposal. that they're apparently going to offer on the house floor as a substitute to thdemocratic plan. and it does nothing for people that are sick and need health care. it doesn't even come close to banning the practice of insurance companies to den

Chris Murphy

4:21:20 to 4:21:36( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: coverage based on pre-existing conditions. so eve thought we had agreement on we don't any longer. because when it comes down to it, the republicans are more interested in preserving the health insurance industry, more

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