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House Proceeding 11-07-09 on Nov 7th, 2009 :: 1:25:05 to 1:28:30
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Doris O. Matsui

1:24:52 to 1:25:12( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: yielding, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks in opposition to this bill which is a major overhaul of our delivery of health care. we need a fine tuneup, not a major overhaul. i thank the speaker. i ank the gentleman from texas. the sp objection, so ordered. the gentleman from texas is again charged. mr. sessions: thank you, mr. speake, we'd like to reserve

Doris O. Matsui

1:25:05 to 1:28:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Doris O. Matsui

Doris O. Matsui

1:25:13 to 1:25:34( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: our time. the spear pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from new york. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield three minutes to the gentlewoman from california, a member of the rules committee, ms. matsui. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. matsui: thank you, mr. speaker. and i thank the gentlewoman for yielding me this time.

Doris O. Matsui

1:25:35 to 1:25:55( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: and, mr. speaker, it is so appropriate that you are sitting in this chair on this historic day considering that you've introduced a health care bill every congress that you were here. so we really love having you in the chair. mr. speaker, i stand here on the house floor today humbled by the fact that in the wealthiest country in the world we have so many needs. the most pressing of these needs is for reform and strengthened health insurance system.

Doris O. Matsui

1:25:56 to 1:26:17( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: when i listen to my constituents, whether they are doctors, nurses, workers, business owners or government employees, they're united in the support for health insurance reform. they know he that costs are yrocketing with no -- they know that costs are skyrocketting with no end in sight. they know that more people are losing their insurance as they lose their jobs, making the burden of uncompensated care even harder to bear for

Doris O. Matsui

1:26:18 to 1:26:39( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: hospitals and doctors. they know he that the doors of our community health -- they know that the doors of our community health centers are in constant motion. for my constituents, for all of us and members of congress, and most importantly, for the american people, the affordable health care for america act is a major victory. it achieves a long held goal of

Doris O. Matsui

1:26:40 to 1:27:01( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: reforming our health insurance system so it works for all american families. in families who will not file bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs. this legislation also strengthens medicare so that our country's seniors can continue to rely on this program for their health care.

Doris O. Matsui

1:27:02 to 1:27:23( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: in my district alone, this means nearly 8,000 medicare beneficiaries who will not fall into the doughnut hole. makes health insurance affordable again. for businesses who want to provide coverage to their employees and for those who are buying coverage for the first time on in sacramento this means affordability credits to help

Doris O. Matsui

1:27:24 to 1:27:44( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: pay for coverage for up to 181,000 households. finally the bill investing in prevention and wellness and public health which are some of my highest priorities. unless we help people live healthier lives, we can never get health costs under control. in short, the provisions of this legislation build on all that is good in our current health system, to strengthen it for the

Doris O. Matsui

1:27:45 to 1:28:07( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: future. this is why we come to congress, mr. speaker. we come here to improve people's lives, to recognize and address the needs of the people we represent. i know that today's bill does that which is why i support it so strongly. i look forward to today's debate and to our historic vote. i urge my colleagues to support

Doris O. Matsui

1:28:08 to 1:28:28( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: this legislation and i back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas. speaker. mr. speaker, at this time i'd like to yid three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from miami, a member of the rules mr. diaz-balart: thank you and good day to you, mr. distinguished speaker. it is clear that congress needs

Doris O. Matsui

1:28:29 to 1:28:30( Edit History Discussion )

Doris O. Matsui: to make reforms to expand health

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