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House Proceeding 11-07-09 on Nov 7th, 2009 :: 4:07:05 to 4:13:00
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George Miller

4:06:57 to 4:07:17( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: yield to a person who spends a distinguished -- spent a distinguished career in this housting for this day, who is one of the principal authors of this bill, the leader of the committee, the chairman of the committee education and labor, grge miller, four minutes. the sp gentleman from california is recognized for four minutes. mr. miller: i thank the gentleman for yielding, and i thank him so much for his

George Miller

4:07:05 to 4:13:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

4:07:18 to 4:07:39( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: contribution to this legislation to the debate in this house and to the role he's played in informing our members and the public about this bill. i want to begin by giving thanks, madam speaker, particularly on my committee, i want to thank the staff that's worked so terribly hard, shannon, megan, jody, aaron,

George Miller

4:07:40 to 4:08:00( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: meredith, rachel, who've all supported this tremendous team and professional staff of the committee on ways and means and energy and commerce and certainly to my colleagues, chairman rangel and chairman waxman. to our subcommittee chairs andrews, mr. pallone and mr. stark. it has truly been an honor be involved in this debate and to sit in the same room with the dean of our house, john

George Miller

4:08:01 to 4:08:26( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: dingell, and to be able to craft it's an honor i will rember the rest of my life. i thank the democratic leadership for giving us the space to bring president obama's bill to this house so that we can pass it and we can change america. and i certainly want to thank speaker pelosi. without her leadership, her tenacity, her passion we would

George Miller

4:08:27 to 4:08:49( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: simply not be here today. we are about to make history. and the reason we are about to make history is because many of us have so much confidence in the very great things that america is capable of achieving. america has been challenged throughout its history to achieve great things. on behalf of americans, on behalf of the world community,

George Miller

4:08:50 to 4:09:10( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: we have risen to that but throughout that history, one challenge has eluded us, the challenge to come and to finally provide access to affordable health care for all of our citizens, for all americans, to provide them the kind of security that they would know with this legislation, to provide them

George Miller

4:09:11 to 4:09:31( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: the understa again will they live in fear that they will be without health care. for whatever circumstance takes prays in their life. and for every member of the chamber on both sides of the aisle have encountered our citizens throughout the years as they told us terrible

George Miller

4:09:32 to 4:09:53( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: stories, dramati painful stories, sad stories about how their family has been crushed or their friends or their neighbors, people they care about, that they work with, by circumstances beyond their control. how when one circumstance leads to another, how today when the layoff notice

George Miller

4:09:54 to 4:10:15( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: comes you also are on notice that you will lose your insurance. your world is turned upside down immediately. you struggle to find employment or retraining. you struggle to refigure your family's finances and you know if your children are sick they won't be able to go to the doctor, you won't be able to afford it.

George Miller

4:10:16 to 4:10:36( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: of treatment, that treatment can be curtailed no matter what the illness, no matter how serious it is, no matter how important the treatment is. it can go in a flash. we cannot continue to ask american families to continue to live on that edge of uncertainty, of insecurity, of a possibility of fiscal ruin.

George Miller

4:10:37 to 4:10:58( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: a small event because of the into the life of a family, into the life of a community when it happens over and over an again. but this legislation says that's not going to ha again in our future. we're going to become the architects and the builders of

George Miller

4:10:59 to 4:11:20( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: a system that will provide care to these people, will provide services to these people, will provide security for these people so that these american families can go to work with confidence, they can buy a home with confidence, they can think about their kids' education with confidence and, no, it

George Miller

4:11:21 to 4:11:41( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: will not all be wiped out in a was canceled, the cap was placed on out-of-pocket expenses. mr. an gentleman one minute. mr. miller: i thank the gentleman. that's what this legislation is about. we can all about all of the internal merits and the back and forth. but at the end of the day for the first time in our history

George Miller

4:11:42 to 4:12:02( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: we deliver to all americans the security that their family will have an opportunity to continue on a stable financial track and that they can make the kinds of plans that we want to make for our children, our grandchildren , that their neighbors might be

George Miller

4:12:03 to 4:12:23( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: able to make but because of the abse because of the absence of a comprehensive health care bill that provides universal access, because of the failure of a bill that will help families to help struggling families to meet premiums, because of that failure, as "the wall street journal" said, we pay a huge

George Miller

4:12:24 to 4:12:44( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: price of innovation because people know they will be penalized if they start a new business, if they take a new idea and try to take it to fruition, if they switch jobs for bett career-wise doesn't have insurance, that they want to work for a startup -- gentleman's time has expired. mr. miller: let's give america for the first time the security

George Miller

4:12:45 to 4:13:00( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: for their families, their friends, their kids and their neighbors. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey wish to -- the gentleman from minnesota is recognized. mr. kline: i thank the speaker. at this time i would like to

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