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House Proceeding 11-07-09 on Nov 7th, 2009 :: 4:43:15 to 4:50:50
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Nancy Pelosi

4:43:12 to 4:43:32( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: failed so we'll succeed with a strong, visionary woman. it's my privilege to yield o house of representativ congresswoman nancy pelosi. . the speaker: i thank the

Nancy Pelosi

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Speech By: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

4:43:33 to 4:43:53( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: gentleman for bringing this legislation to the floor. ma know is a historic moment for our nation and for america's families. for nearly centuries, leaders of every party and political philosophy as far back as teddy roosevelt, have called for he

Nancy Pelosi

4:43:54 to 4:44:14( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: people. for generations, the american people have called for affordable, quality health care for their families. today, the call will be answered. today, we will pass the affordable health care for america act. this legislation is founded on key principles for a healthier america.

Nancy Pelosi

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Nancy Pelosi: innovation, competition and prevention. it improves quality, lowers cost, expands coverage to 36 million more people and retains choices. our innovation began i with $19 billion to health i.t., the first step in lowering costs

Nancy Pelosi

4:44:39 to 4:45:00( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: and improving quality and billion investments in medical research. this legislation will mean bility for the middle class, security for our seniors and honors our responsibility to our children adding not one dime to the deficit. for all americans, thi legislation makes a big difference.

Nancy Pelosi

4:45:01 to 4:45:22( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: no discrimination for pre-existing medical conditions, no dropped coverage if you are sick, no co-pays for preventive care. there's a cap on what you pay in, but there is no cap on the benefit that you receive. it works for seniors closing the doughnut hole, offering better primary care and strengthening

Nancy Pelosi

4:45:23 to 4:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: medicare for years t it insurance -- preventing insurance companies charging no longer will being a womane a pre-existing medical condition.

Nancy Pelosi

4:45:44 to 4:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: it works for young people, of ends co-pays and allows young people to stay on their pants' premium until their 27th birthday. it works for small business owners, providing access to affordable growth rates and

Nancy Pelosi

4:46:05 to 4:46:25( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: providing a tax credit for them to help them eninsure their employees. it works for consumers, keeping insurance companies honest and en public option. this legislation puts you and your doctor in charge. no longer will the insurance

Nancy Pelosi

4:46:26 to 4:46:47( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: companies come between you and your doctor. president obama has said that health care reform is entitlement reform and this legislation proves that point. it is fiscally sound, it is paid for and reduces the deficit by tens of billions of dollars over the next 10 years.

Nancy Pelosi

4:46:48 to 4:47:08( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: this legislation is a result of extensive deliberation here in the congress where we have held more than 100 hearings and extensive input from the american people. members of congress have held over 3,000 town meetings and it has resulted in a better bill than h.r. 3200 however good that

Nancy Pelosi

4:47:09 to 4:47:31( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: this bill is a better one with significant differences and my colleagues have pointed them out. congresswoman titus just pointed them out. we are bought to this historic moment in this nation because of the work of our

Nancy Pelosi

4:47:32 to 4:47:52( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: chairman waxman, chairman rangel and chairman miller and chairwoman slaughter. i thank all the members of those committees, including the rules committee for being here so late so we could have this legislation on the floor today. and more than 300 groups representing tens of millions of

Nancy Pelosi

4:47:53 to 4:48:13( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: americans have expressed their support for the bill. aarp, american medical association, the list of medical groups goes on and on, american cancer socty, cancer action network, american heart association, american dibetes --

Nancy Pelosi

4:48:14 to 4:48:35( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: diabetes association and they have all endorsed the legislation. my colleagues, we were part of this history and we are this evening as well. a poignant moment occurred when chairman dingell took over the beginning of the debate for health care. when he was a young man as a

Nancy Pelosi

4:48:36 to 4:48:58( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: member of congress, he gaveled medicare into law. as one of our colleagues said, he perceived health care for all americans. his father introduced the bill over and over when he was in congress and as his successor, he continued that great legacy.

Nancy Pelosi

4:48:59 to 4:49:19( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: today, he will see a lifelong dream come true as we begin process of making this a reality. is it possible to talk about health care reform in america without talking about senator edward kennedy? his leadership and his

Nancy Pelosi

4:49:20 to 4:49:40( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: contribution to this debate is boundless. health insurance reform was the cause of his life. he called it the great unfinish society. on this issue, he said, what is at stake is the character of our country. remember when the president came

Nancy Pelosi

4:49:41 to 4:50:01( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: to address the joint session? he quoted comments by senator kennedy from a letter that the senator had sent to him. but the senator also said in the letter was -- that was sent to president obama before he died was this, i entered public life -- when i entered public life

Nancy Pelosi

4:50:02 to 4:50:22( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: with a young president who inspired a generation and a world. it gives me great hope that i guide another young president, inspires another generation and once more on america's behalf inspires the world. he acknowledged president obama's, quote, unwavering

Nancy Pelosi

4:50:23 to 4:50:44( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: commitment and understanding that health care is a decisive issue for our future prosperity. president obama's leadership gives our naon hope. today with this legislation, we wi give them help. president obama has said, we will measure our success by the

Nancy Pelosi

4:50:45 to 4:50:51( Edit History Discussion )

Nancy Pelosi: progress made in america's working families. today with the passage of

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