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Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: at 12:17 p.m., that the snate passed senate 1422. appointments, united states-china economic review commission. with best wishes, i'm sincerely, lorraine c. miller, clerk of the house. the speaker pro tempore: mr. griffith from alabama. mr. defazio from oregon. ms. kaptur from ohio.

Walter B. Jones

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Speech By: Walter B. Jones

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: mr. jones from north carolina. the gentleman's recognized for five minutes. mr. jones: madam speaker, i would like to ask unanimous consent that i might submit for the record an editorial by david broder, friday, november 13 and the title is half done on health reform. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: mr. jones: i'm reading from this editorial some points i would like to share with the house tonight. at least a dozen health experts have filled the air waves with warning that the house bill simply postpones the cost controls needed to finance insurance coverage and benefits.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: one of them speaks with special authority. david walker, the former head of the government accountability office, the in congress told me in an interview on wednesday that the lawmakers are punting o the tough choices rather than making sure they can deliver on the promises they're making.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: in a speech delivered les than 48 hours after the house acted, walker, now president of the peterson foundation laid out the conclusions, acknowledging that clearly we need radical reconstructive surgery to make our health care system affordable and sustainable.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: walker cautioned that what we should not do is merely task new programs on to a system that is flawed and rapidly driving the national budgetnto ruin. i further read from the editorial a separate groupstudy of the finance committee bill

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: which majority leader reid is working on in the senate. the legislation shows it's almost as much as a fiscal fa walker, a close observer and former employee of congress, calls that assumption totally unrealistic. in reading his analysis and the comments of the many others who

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: have praised the house handy work, it becomes clear that unless something intervenes, congress is going to repeat a familiar pattern just as it did under republican control when it passed, but did not pay for a medicare benefit, it is about to hand out

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: the godies and leave itfor the next generation to pick up the bill. i thank you for allowing me to put the entire editorial into the record. as i always do on the flor because my heart aches for those who have given their lives in afghanistan and iraq, i ask god to please bless our men

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: uniform in uniform and bless their families and ask god in his living arms to hold the family who have given a child who died in iraq and afghanistan and we will do right in the house and ask god to give wisdom to the president of the united states that he will do what is right.

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